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「にょロボてぃくす」meets Interopシスコブース!


Interop Tokyo 2016 was held last week, and Cisco also exhibited as usual. Did you participate in everyone? Over the three days we have been able to introduce a wide range of Cisco products and solutions to many customers.

In the corner of the data center that I am in charge,

Three corners were established, and many visited by each customer. Especially,  I felt that I was interested in “Interop” event design, exhibits on Cisco Nexus switches, and the latest  Cisco HyperFlex system .

And on the second day on Thursday, June 9, we visited Cisco ‘s booth ” Mr. Robot TsuyoshiAyame and Ms. Unika and helped as a one day researcher!

It is a rare project as a Cisco with a solid image, not only from customers but also from Cisco employees, “Why are you calling a robot Robo?” “It does not seem like the current Cisco,” “This year is offensive We received many positive comments, such as! (Actually, rumors that it was realized with a strong hope of a certain engineer !?)

Initially, I did not know “Nodo Robot”, but when I actually talked to you, Nogo Robo speaks Kansai dialect! Fortunately, I am also a native speaker of the Kansai dialect, so I was able to have a smooth conversation with each other in the Kansai native machine language (?).

As expected, it seems that Kansai people (not Kansai Robot?) Seems to be very nice, and what I asked will do more and more within reasonable scope.

So, it was a big deal, so I came up with the idea of ​​introducing Cisco ‘s exhibition booth by taking advantage of that visual, taking a picture around each exhibition booth based on the improvised scenario, and posted it to Cisco’ s official Twitter.

SDN is sexy dynamite robot, right! What?
Nokia robot meets Cisco SDN
We want to be protected ♡
Robo meets Cisco Security
nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo01-SDN nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo02-Security
Let’s start ☆!
Nobo meets Cisco Start
To us, zero down time is impossible impossible
Robo meets Cisco IoT
nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo04-Start nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo03-iot
It also looks beautiful in battle clear!
Nabo meets Cisco collaboration
Dual 5 GHz, I feel amazing power!
Nodo Robo meets Cisco Wireless
nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo07-collab nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo06-wireless
Something like a special feel?
Nabo meets Cisco Service Provider
This curve is sexy! Nabo Robo meets Cisco HyperFlex
nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo05-SP nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo10-hyperflex
I feel something cool.
Nobo meets Cisco Meraki
Shall we learn about the network too? Nabo meets certified Cisco engineer
nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo08-Meraki nyorobotics-meets-interop-cisco-booth-nyorobo09-cert

Although I made a slightly unfavorable request, I had a response that exceeded my expectation with “advertising” in addition to “I’m going to do more like this?” Or “This one is cool!”

Even at sessions in the booth, we introduced products with Cisco employees, and finally showed us singing and dancing, and the vicinity surrounding the venue was great! During the hot weather, we did not encounter thermal runaway for a whole day, and we had a long time to respond to the end time long. By the way, it seems impossible to have zero downtime like a robot exhibited at the Cisco IoT booth.

In the end, we left to the end of the staff, and gifts were given to the meritorious persons until they got signed colored paper containing names!


Nabo Robo (Ayame, Mr. Unika, Staff), Thank you so much! Congratulations!