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How to go beyond networking: Sunrise Ambassador House Campus & Cisco DNA

Thursday, 20 June 2019

It´s brand new. And it has become one of the most spectacular commercial buildings in Switzerland. Since this spring, the new Sunrise Headquarters shows how to make possible a new era of networking.

The Sunrise Ambassador House Campus is located in an impressive 38.000 square meters open space in Zürich-Nord, a place not only for Sunrise employees, but all the businesses that now have the chance to work in one of the coolest commercial buildings in Switzerland.

One of the biggest challenges at the beginning of the project was how to create a network ready to offer a flexible work environment with a multitude of mobile devices, while keeping the security at the highest level. As well as simplifying operations and guaranteeing the best user experience.

Cisco DNA is the choice of Sunrise to automate network operations, increase the agility and flexibility, guarantee scalability and bring down operational costs. The solutions implemented (Cisco DNACatalyst 9000 and WLAN) allow Sunrise to monitor and analyze the performance, a crucial factor to keep the user experience in a top level.

In just a few words: simple to operate, powerful to enable a new era of networking. That´s what Sunrise and Cisco are making possible every day in this new Ambassador House.

Willing to learn more? Stay tuned for the upcoming Ambassador House – Cisco DNA Case Study!

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