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Today Video Collaboration is no longer reserved for CxO level. Watch John Chambers and Rowan Trollope sharing how they plan to make video collaboration available to everyone. Discover how innovation could increase companies productivity by 5-10% per year.


Cisco Jabber 10.5 for iOS and Android

As promised Cisco Jabber for iOS 10.5 and Cisco Jabber for Android 10.5 are now available respectively on Apple Store and Googe Play Store.

For those who don’t know yet this great app, Cisco Jabber is a collaboration application that provides presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, voice messaging, and video calling capabilities on Smartphone devices. You can also Escalate your Jabber conversations into multi-party conferencing with Cisco WebEx® Meetings.

This new release gives number of enhancements and capabilities :

New Visual Design

Cisco Jabber for Android offers a new and modern design to align with the visual identity of Cisco’s Collaboration portfolio and to improve user experience. New design changes improve ease of use, such as audio output device switching, application notifications, and tab management.

screen568x568  screen568x568_2  android1


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Collaboration for Everyone

Today Video Collaboration is no longer reserved for CxO level. Watch John Chambers and Rowan Trollope sharing how they plan to make video collaboration available to everyone. Discover how innovation could increase companies productivity by 5-10% per year.

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The New Desk – designed by Cisco

Few years ago we used to carry around a bunch of devices including a mobile phone, a digital camera, a GPS, an iPod, a Palm Pilot, etc.. and each of those devices were really useful and amazing at that time.

Blog_Many_devices mini

Today we don’t carry those devices anymore ! because we have something in the pocket called an iPhone or an Android that replaced all other stuff. The smartphone has a much better experience and really transformed the world we are living in and the technology landscape.

Blog_One_device mini

At Cisco we are very focused on the workplace, and looking at the consumer space we thought there is something interesting to do from an innovation perspective.


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Build a Collaborative Workplace

Inspire Innovation through Collaboration by building a new Workplace empowered by visual communications from the web browser to the boardroom.

The Project Workplace tool will help you to setup or imagine collaborative quiet rooms, meeting or briefing rooms, and even immersive rooms. This will give you a good idea how meeting spaces can utilised and the value you can get out of your investment.

Project Workplace / Project Workplace for iPad

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 17.52.03

If you are looking for how to improve productivity & innovation, how to accelerate decision making, or simply how to save time on travel this tool is for you !



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Cisco Jabber for Windows 10.5 available !

Cisco Jabber for Windows is the first client available from the Jabber 10.5 release.

The first thing you will notice in this release is the new visual design. The development team has done a incredible work in making Jabber even more sexy than before. You will find this new design in every 10.5 Jabber clients coming in the next few days/weeks.

Jabber for Windows 10.5 includes the following new features and enhancements :

  • New Visual Design

The new sexy and consistant User Experience accross any device.


  • Single Sign On (SSO)

By enabling SAML SSO, you can now reduces password fatigue by removing the need for entering different user name and password combinations. You will a well known Identity Provider integrated with your directory in the back-end. SAML SSO feature has been tested with the following IdPs: ADFS 2.0, OpenAM 9.5 and 10.0, and PingFederate


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Prime Infrastructure API in a nutshell

While PI (Prime Infrastructure) provides a lot of flexible options to deploy configuration templates, or to report information about your devices, you may want to tune it up in a way which is not possible yet, even with the latest version (see Seppi’s post about PI 2.1).

Why should you wait for the next development milestone?

Application API gives the opportunity to interact with PI in a robust and efficient manner, allowing the addition of reporting and configuring capabilities to the platform :

  • Access to device related information, such as physical and logical details, but also credentials, alarms and events.
  • Report access, where you can trigger and collect result of any report defined in the system.
  • Template configuration access, to manage, and deploy CLI templates.


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New Aironet 2700 Series Access Points


Aironet 2700 Series AccessPoint

The Aironet 2700 Series Access Point is the second family of IEEE 802.11ac Access Points in our portfolio.
It’s positioned slightly below the existing Aironet 3700 Series Access Point – more information about the differences you can read further down in this blog.More general information about this AccessPoint can be found at:


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Improvements of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1

Since a couple of weeks, Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1 (PI 2.1) is available and ready for download. In the datasheet we can find the following added as new features:


  • Manage 802.11ac-based access points
  • Unify Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) AireOS and Cisco IOS® XE platforms with One Management
  • Realize day-1 support for Cisco access points
  • Extend the management of Cisco data center switches to the Cisco Nexus ® 9000 Series

But what does it really change? What can I benefit from this new functions? (more…)

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New Aironet 700W Series Access Point


Aironet 700W Series AccessPoint

The Aironet 700 Series Access Point is an 802.11n Access Points specifically designed to be wall-mounted.It’s especially interesting for Customers in the Hospitality- and Education-Business or Customers that want to modernize their existing infrastructureFor Details see the following webpage:


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UCS striking fear into HP and IBM

Two weeks ago IBM announced they were selling their Enterprise x86 server division to Lenovo.

Last week, HP announced that as of February 2014 their customers will no longer be able to access firmware updates and service packs without a valid support agreement. This goes to show that HP is trying to get every last dollar (Swiss Franc!) out of their customers!

Note: Cisco continues to offer UCS Firmware downloads for free with just a basic account, no support contract required.


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