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Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (6): Infrastructure

Beside being a speaker, I'm also part of the Infrastructure-Team at CiscoLive! 2015, Milan.

While I can ensure you, that the planning and preparation of the infrastructure of the event is going on since several months, I don't want to write here in lengthy words, what that means.
I prefer to refer you to a Whitepaper, which has been written about the Infrastructure of last years event at the same location.

You can find that document at:

And from last year, I will add also a video with a short summary of the NOC-Activities



Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (5): MTE

Yesterday evening it happened - I got the first request for a MTE in the upcoming CiscoLive! 2015 Milan.
Some of you might now think: "What the heck is a MTE?"

MTE stands for "Meet the engineer" - this is a program, where CiscoLive! attendees can meet 1:1 with an expert on a specific topic and discuss whatever they want about it.

Most speakers at CiscoLive! are more or less automatically part of the MTE-Program ... so you can expect over 200 Engineers being part of it.
In order for customers to find the right engineer for the technology they want to discuss, we speakers had to provide the areas of our expertise into the tool.
We could also block out some timeslots, where we would be busy with other tasks and cannot participate in MTE-Sessions.

If an attendee wants to have a MTE he can request one via the Web-Portal, where he also manages his Breakout-session registration, etc.He will there select the technology/area he would like to discuss and will get presented a list of Engineers, which are knowledgeable on that topic.
Here also the blockout times previously mentioned would be considered - so customers cannot request an engineer, who already said he wouldn't be available at that time.

Finally, the attendee selects one engineer at his choice and requests a meeting.


Yesterday, one attendee did that and requested me - so I got an email with the information.

My next step is usually to go through the information provided in the MTE-Request.
If it is sufficient and I have time - I do just accept the request.
Now the request yesterday did not provide any information about what should be discussed - in order to get more information I therefore got in touch with the requester.
So, right now, that MTE-Request is still pending.

If you're CiscoLive! Attendee and would like to discuss something specific with an Cisco-Engineer I highly recommend using the MTE-Programm!


Power for SMB (KMU) with the Cisco Collaboration Business Edition 6000s

Der Swiss Cisco Community

Cisco has announced an extension to the well established Cisco Collaboration Business Edition Portfolio platform.

Its newest family member is the Business Edition 6000s (BE6Ks, or BE6000s)

Cisco Business Edition 6000 is a family of purpose-built, all in one collaboration solutions that are right-sized and affordable for companies ranging from 25 up to 1000 employees.

The solutions provide core capabilities that small and midsize businesses need for improved collaboration and productivity among employees, customers, and business partners. Fully integrated platforms deliver premium voice, video, messaging, instant messaging and presence, conferencing, and mobility capabilities, and a variety of advanced collaboration options, including video conferencing and contact center services, in single-platform designs that scale with business growth.

The Cisco Business Edition 6000 family now offers three packaged model options:

NEW! Small (S)(Availability from Q1 CY2015) BE6000S is a centralized, voice-centric call processing platform for smaller-scale deployments of up to 150 usersand 300 devices. The solution supports 5 fixed core UC applications – CUCM, CUC, PCP, IM&P, and Paging Server - and any combination of IP and DX series endpoints - including 7800 and 8800 series phones, and DX video endpoints. BE6000S migrates to BE6000M/H, BE7000M/H, hybrid environments, or fully to Cisco Cloud services.

BE6KS(click to enlarge)

Medium Density (M) (Shipping since Dec 2011) - BE6000M is an integrated, centrally-managed voice+video call control platform for midsize deployments of 25 to 1000 users, 1200 devices, and 100 contact center agents. The solution supports up to 5 concurrent applications (4 UC/Collab + 1 mgmt.) and a combination of IP and video endpoints – including, 7800 and 8800 series phones, and DX and EX video endpoints. BE6000M migrates to BE6000H, BE7000M/H, hybrid environments, or fully to Cisco Cloud services.

High Density (H) (Shipping since May 2013) - BE6000H is an integrated, centrally-managed voice+video call control platform purpose-built for conferencing-intensive midsize deployments of 25 to 1000 users, 2500 devices, and 100 contact center agents. The solution supports up to 9 concurrent applications (8 UC/Collab + 1 mgmt.) – including a fully integrated video conferencing applications suite - and any combination of IP and video endpoints - including 7800, 8800 and 9900 series phones, and DX, EX, SX, and MX series video endpoints and room systems. BE6000H migrates to BE7000M/H, hybrid environments, or fully to Cisco Cloud services.

For more and detailed information please follow this link: BE6000

Cheers, Niema

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Get "Cisco Squared"

Dear Swiss Cisco Community

Cisco launched "Project Squared" to the public, and it is free to use for all of us.

Take a look at it and change the way you communicate and collaborate.

What is Project Squared?

A simple and secure place to collaborate — with anyone, anywhere.
Focus on your teamwork, not how the tech works.
Welcome to your virtual conference room created for all your teams.
Everything everyone needs to do their best work is built-in — and it works with your other tools, too.

Get more information here: Cisco Project Squared

See you soon on Squared!

Cheers, Niema



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Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (4): Cisco what?

I was just made aware of the following - I did start this Mini-Series, without actually telling people, what CiscoLive! really is.

Honestly, I assumed everybody reading this blog would know CiscoLive!

In case you don't know, have a at the video below - it will show you the highlights of last event in Milan and will give you a good impression, what it is all about.


Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (3): Speaker Tasks

Like many colleagues at Cisco, I work right now on my slides for CiscoLive!
The first draft is due pretty soon, as it will be reviewed and feedback regarding the content will be provided.

For some topics I already know, I will need to create new slides (rsp. I already created new slides).
Other topics I want to cover with existing slides, which I already used in earlier presentations.

That means, I'm currently

  • creating slides
  • copying existing slides
  • adjust existing slides to the CiscoLive! Templates
  • updating existing slides with up to date information
  • create an order of slide, which should support my presentation flow
  • etc. etc.


Guess the biggest challenge in this process?
Honestly - deciding what to skip!

Yes, I have to skip things, as bad as it sounds - I just have way too many ideas, what to talk about or what details to mention than I actually have time to do so.
Therefore I now need to judge - what topics/details will fit in, what should or must I skip - what's going to be the most interesting part for the Customers, etc.

You might not believe it, but this is the hardest and most time-consuming CiscoLive!-Task I'm facing right at this moment.


Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (2): Registration

Already in the first post of this Mini-Series I mentioned it - I believe, this is THE Cisco-Event in Europe and you simply need to be there.

To be able to attend you will need to register and to register it's now the time!
But why?
Till End of November 2014 the Registration-Fee is being lowered by 400 Euros, which is around 20% discount of the regular price.
If you're paying by Learning-Credits this translates into 5 Learning-Credits savings.

Maybe however you will not be able to spend the whole week in Milan - for whatever reason.
Also for you there are options - like for example the "Explorer"-Pass, which gives you access on a certain day.

The "Explorer"-Pass is especially also interesting, if you're a developer and you want to have a look into the DevNet-Zone.

Please have a look into the following page for more information and options regarding registration:


Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (1): Motivation

When we look out of the window or if we listen to the Weather-Forecasts we can easily recognize:
"Winter is coming"

Some people are already looking forward to get back onto the Ski's and on the slopes, others are looking forward to Christmas and New year - might even already started preparation of gifts or family meetings.
And again other people might just look forward to next spring and hope Winter will be over as soon as possible.

Well, every year around this time, many people in Cisco are looking forward to CiscoLive!
The next European version will be held end of January 2015 in Milan, Italy.

And I'm myself are one of these people looking forward to this event, which I would claim is THE Cisco-Event in Europe.

Over the years I became heavily involved into CiscoLive and in this MiniSeries I want to share some thoughts with you.
The posts in this Mini-Series probably will not be very long and also reflect might some very personal viewpoints; they will probably also appear only in irregular intervals.
I however still hope they will also contain interesting information for you.

BTW: Feedback is very welcome!



AireOS 8.0 Release - a big update

Since some time our AireOS 8.0 release is available for download on

This release adds many, many new features, which are best explained in the Release-Notes.
The following is just the list of categories of new content - each containing several individual enhancements.

I would like to encourage you to have a look into this sections of the Release-Notes.
I'm convinced that you will also find features, which are interesting for your organization.


One interesting aspect and a question we always get is:
"What SW-Version should I use right now?"

The Release-Notes mention this as well, but I would like to highlight another source.
There is a specific document talking about AireOS Software Release Recommendations:
Guidelines for Cisco Wireless Software Release Migration

In a nutshell, if you want to remain on a MD-certified release,
then for the moment this is still the AireOS 7.4 Release.
AireOS 8.0 is currently expected to reach MD-Status during the first half year of 2015.
(subject to change without previous notification)


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New Aironet 1570 Series Outdoor Access Points


Aironet 1570 Series AccessPoint

The Cisco Aironet 1570 Series is currently the industry's highest-performing outdoor access point. It is the only one to date that supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi with 4x4 MIMO true beamforming smart antenna technology with three spatial streams.More information about this AccessPoint can be found below in this blog or at the following webpage:


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