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UCS striking fear into HP and IBM

Two weeks ago IBM announced they were selling their Enterprise x86 server division to Lenovo.

Last week, HP announced that as of February 2014 their customers will no longer be able to access firmware updates and service packs without a valid support agreement. This goes to show that HP is trying to get every last dollar (Swiss Franc!) out of their customers!

Note: Cisco continues to offer UCS Firmware downloads for free with just a basic account, no support contract required.


Welcome, the Swiss Data Center and Virtualization Team

We from the Data Center and Virtualization Team would like to welcome you to the Cisco Switzerland Technology Blog. We have a lot of great news that we will post here in this blog. We will be using this platform to give you access to future information that we will cover through our Newsletters, Webinars and Events in one spot. Some links will be internal as to enable our partners to build the required knowledge to implement Cisco based solutions at our valued customers, thank you for your understanding. (more…)

Welcome from Collaboration Switzerland

Welcome to Collaboration in Switzerland!

Collaboration is more than a technical architecture, solution, or product. It is the experience that integrates people, processes, and technology. We believe that by working together, people can achieve extraordinary things. (more…)

New Aironet 1530 Series AccessPoints


Aironet 1530 Series Access Point


We’re happy to announce orderability of the new Cisco Aironet 1530 Series AccessPoints with integrated Antennas.For more information about this product, please see the following link or further down in this post:


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New Aironet 3700 Series Access Points


Aironet 3700 Series AccessPoint

We are pleased to announce, that we have enabled early orderability for limited quantities of the new Cisco Aironet 3700 Series AccessPoint.More information about this AccessPoint can be found at the following link or further down in this post:


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Newsletters Swiss Borderless Networks Team

We try hard to give you comprehensive and first hand informations in a very condensed and usable format.

All our newsletters and available promotions will be posted in this blog on a regular basis. (more…)


Borderless Partner Quickdecks

Dear Partner

You can find the recent Quick-Decks under the following links within PEC: (more…)


Content PSE Day July 2013

Dear Partner

Please find below the content of the PSE Day we held in july 2013 (more…)


Content PSE Day March 2013

Dear Partner

Please find below the content of the PSE Day we held in March 2013 (more…)


BN Event Overview

During the whole year we have many events which we typically run in our offices. Please find a list of our upcoming events which you can use as save the date. (more…)

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