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Webex Meetings: Mobile Join Experience

Friday, 29 November 2019

This is, how easy it is to join a Webex Meeting from a mobile phone out of a calendar application. In the second part of the video, the simple mode is shown. The simple mode reduces the meeting experience to audio only with a large mute / unmute button to allow you focusing on your travel and is enabled either by a swipe to the left, or by motion detected.


To ensure the experience is most suitable for you, please take a moment to configure your Webex Meetings application on your device. An example configuration is shown below:

Make sure you have the following settings defined according your preference:

  1. Motion Detection
  2. Preview (adds an additional step for joining a meeting if shown)
  3. Audio Connection (use call me if you are uncertain regarding the mobile data coverage in your area)
  4. Mute on entrance (Great best practice!)
  5. Allow using the mobile data connection

Webex Meeting Mobile Application Configuration Settings



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