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The key demands on today’s IT Infrastructure

Monday, 25 September 2017

Scalability, protection and flexibility are some key demands on today’s IT Infrastructures. Our customers are increasingly thinking of „IT as a service“ to drive their IT Transformations.  At the same time they are struggling with limited resources and budget cuts.

Perhaps it is time to redefine what the right solution is that fits into future needs? According to many IT companies, „Software Defined” is the hot topic trending right now. That topic also includes the secrets and benefits to hyper converged infrastructure solutions.

Cisco announced its hyperconverged solution, Cisco HyperFlex, in March 2017. More than 1900 customers across new industries have rapidly adopted the platform and our current customers continue to scale-out their hyperconverged (HCI) footprints with the new, high-performance, HyperFlex All Flash nodes.

Also CRN announced Cisco HyperFlex as one of the top 6 hyperconverged brands of Q1 2017.  There are many customers in Europe who are already using Cisco HyperFlex.

  • Bellevue Bank for their VDI trading desk environment: “Traders and researchers immediately noticed the faster performance after we moved our VDI to Cisco HyperFlex,” says Holger Schultes, Head of IT for Bellevue Group.
  • As well as healthcare customers like Meander Medisch, “Technology is transforming healthcare, and our partnership with Cisco will help us excel, expand, and grow,” says Frank de Reij, chief executive officer (CEO) of Meander.
  • Or service providers like Linxdatacenter in Russia. „…we highly appreciate Ciscos efforts in creating an hyperconverged platform which we consider the best in class solution for managed clouds in Linxdatacenter“ Andrey Zakharov, Director Products & Innovations, Linxdatacenter.

Our customers all have the same requirements – to simplify their IT infrastructure to reduce complexity and reduce costs.

Cisco HyperFlex Edge for Remote and Branch Office

We listened to our customers and understood the needs for smaller and medium companies. The HyperFlex Edge configurations are designed specifically for the unique performance, availability, and economic requirements in smaller environments. HyperFlex now offers a common hyperconverged platform from your core data centers, to the edges of your operations. HyperFlex Edge is a perfect platform to standardize on all unique remote and branch office environment types. And it works with your existing ROBO networking and doesn’t require any dedicated cluster fabric interconnects.

Key features of HyperFlex Release 2.5:

  • Native Replication/DR
  • HX Connect (HTML5, Hypervisor Agnostic Management solution)
  • Single or Dual processors options
  • 128 GB memory per Edge node
  • SSD Caching with 3 to 6 HDD’s drive option per Edge Node
  • Three Edge nodes that connect directly to 1 Gbps networking
  • Single or dual Switch configuration is supported
  • API based architecture to enable Cloud Services
  • HX Profiler
  • ACI Integration

Want to learn more about Cisco HyperFlex?

More information on our Edge Solution can be find here. Or listen to our on-demand webinar and get an overview on our Data Center in a Box solution. You can also contact our Cisco Expert Team directly and ask for a live demo.


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