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Swiss Speakers at Global digital Cisco Live 2021

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Global digital Cisco Live 2021

Join us for two days as we turn up the excitement, the inspiration, the education and the fun for Cisco customers and partners. Cisco Live is about celebrating you, the IT hero, and the role you play in helping your organisations survive and thrive during these challenging times. The world is full of more possibilities than ever before, so let’s join together, take everything we have learned, and TURN IT UP.

Join us for two-day global digital event. Together we will TURN IT UP!

EMEAR: March 31 – April 1

Let’s make some noise. Let’s turn up the innovation. The collaboration. Let’s be bold and build a better world together – a brighter more inclusive future for all.

Join Cisco Live March 31 and April 1 for a fully digital experience from the comfort of your home:

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There are several Swiss Speakers presenting at Cisco Live, attend this sessions and meet them virtually:

Ivan Caduff, Patrick Mosimann: BRKEMT-2102: Real World Use Cases for Deploying and Operating Cisco SD-Access
Francisco Crippa: HOLEWN-2008: Build your Wireless network programmability and telemetry solution from scratch!
Josef Dittli: BRKSEC-2032: Secure your Branch DIA with Meraki and Umbrella
Peter Charpentier: BRKACI-2591: Data Center Journey to Multi-Cloud Using Automation and ACI Anywhere
Roque Gagliano: BRKOPT-2007: Managing Your Optical Network Using Open APIs and Cisco NSO
Stefan Leemann: BRKEMT-2101: Towards Intent Based Operations from Prime Infrastructure to Cisco DNA-Center

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