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Smart cameras and analytics for critical infrastructure

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

The Cisco MV smart camera family brings simplicity and intelligence to the Critical Infrastructure, Rail Transportation, Retail, Utilities, Telco providers, Security and beyond.

With an integrated mobile-grade processor on each MV device, Meraki smart cameras have revolutionized the security camera and video analytics world. Servers and complex software are no longer requirements to benefit from the wealth of analytics insights that can be gleaned through computer vision and machine learning technologies.

Cisco MV Sense technology, processing video data on the camera, and not in the cloud, also reduces the time required to produce these insights.

MV smart camera architecture places high-endurance storage directly on the camera, removing the need for a network video recorder (NVR). Not only does this drastically simplify both installation and scaling, it also eliminates a major network security vulnerability in the IT infrastructure.

Equipped with an industry-leading processor, these cameras are not only capable of providing high definition video, they also allow for machine learning-based analytics. These capabilities previously required additional software and heavy-duty hardware. Harnessing the power of computer vision and machine learning, MV smart cameras can detect objects within a frame.

Features like LLDP insights, offline device alerting, and built-in remote tools reduce troubleshooting time, freeing up IT resources. And, because MV is managed through the browser-based Meraki dashboard and operates using a licensing model, there’s no need to purchase, download, and maintain any additional software. The Meraki dashboard ensures firmware updates and new features will continually roll out over the lifespan of the product, increasing the overall value.

MV Sense is the perfect companion to the Meraki smart camera line, allowing users to further utilize the MV machine-learning- based computer vision outputs via API to create custom business solutions. From an individual camera all the way up to a global fleet, MV Sense supplies organizations and developers with processed, high-value data and insights with no additional infrastructure requirements.

The MV Sense API allows developers to access three types of rich data insights:

  • Historical aggregate: How many people were in a given area at a specified time, and where exactly were they in the frame?
  • Current snapshot: How many people are in a given area right now, and where exactly are they in the frame?
  • Real-time feed: A stream of the number of people and their exact location in a frame, pushed out in sub-second intervals

Additionally, the ability to define zones as specific areas of interest coupled with these three types of endpoints gives users selective granularity and customizability: two shopping queues in a single camera frame can be defined and analyzed as such with MV Sense.

From streamlining an operation, to creating a richer customer experience, to making a safe school even safer, to calculate physical distancing and everything in between, MV Sense allows users to utilize their security camera deployment for more than just security. Meraki smart cameras coupled with MV Sense unleash the power of cameras as sensors.

Product Highlights:

  • Intelligent motion indexing with search engine
  • Machine learning capability for intelligent object detection
  • Built-in motion analytics tools like Motion Search, Motion Recap and Heatmaps
  • Cloud-augmented edge storage minimizes physical infrastructure
  • Secure encrypted control architecture
  • Suitable for deployments of all sizes: 1 camera or 10,000+

Feel free to contact me Erick Caron,  to discuss Demo, Pilot or Proof of Concept for your organization with the support of Cisco CDA (Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration Program).

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