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SDN mythbusters and automation gurus at the 11th Swiss SDN workshop

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Remember the Swiss SDN community workshop I wrote about last time? As a reminder, it is our bi-annual event (in collaboration between Cisco and SWITCH) on SDN new trends and technologies with amplified vision of cloud, container and modern networking as seen and implemented by the industry and the academic community.

We are happy to announce the next, 12th SDN workshop taking place on July 5th 2019 at the Swisscom Tower in Zurich. Never attended before? Then I invite you to read through the full report of the last event we have just published. It will give you a pretty extensive idea on what to expect and how can you contribute.

The last workshop took place on December 7th 2018, warmly hosted by HSR Hochschule für Technik in Rapperswil (Zurich). As always, the event covered several talks of interest to our SDN meetup community. Some came to see what has the community been up to in terms of standardization; others wanted to get reassured in the current SDN principles and sneak a peek in the vendor solutions out there, while others simply wanted to follow up on the research implementations and business trends.

Despite the different expectations, the talks and the demos engaged us into interesting conversations during the presentations, over the lunch and of course – at an extended social gathering after the event ended. You can find more info and events follow-up at the SDN Switzerland blog.

Presenters such as Ivan Pepelnjak, from myth-busted SDN over the course of the last 7 years. It was very interesting to follow up the Cisco community engagement and solutions based on model-driven SDN using YANG, as presented by Roque Gagliano.

Sean Murphy from the ICCLab showed us a demo of provisioning access from an Edge-based docker engine to an OVN based OpenStack networks. Thomas Zasowski spoke about the SDN/NFV challenges from a telco perspective and their involvement in the current community activities, later presenting the Swisscom NFV enterprise connect solution. Finally, Douglas Copas scratched the surface of the Oracle Cloud infrastructure solution, giving accent on the impact of the virtual network to block storage performance.

If we were lucky to convince you and you want to know more about what the SDN Switzerland meetup, check out our twitter tag #SDN_CH and find out details from all the past events at our meetup page. Call for presentations is now open and we are looking forward to your talk proposal. See us in July!

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