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How can we improve our railway system?

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Did you know that Cisco is one of the worldwide leaders improving rail company’s ridership, customer experience, and predictive maintenance?

The Rail Sector has room for improvements? How exactly the railways performing? How do we adjust to new parameters to deliver better services to passengers?

Cisco railway solutions not only improve real time safety for passengers, but ultimately provide the analytics and feedback that allow railway companies to proactively address potential safety threats, in turn reducing the overall probability of an incident actually occurring—all while ensuring data privacy.

Understanding that one bad passenger experience is one too many, Cisco Railway solutions aim to ensure that every experience meets and/or exceeds the expectations of each passenger. To achieve this, we simply focus on creating a trip that is not just personally enjoyable, but one that is non-disruptive and enables quick and safe passage to the next destination.

While data operations may often be overlooked when discussing business outcomes like enhanced customer experience or increased ridership, positioning it as an enabler to new efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs will unlock new opportunities to achieve these key business outcomes.

With the goal of passenger safety and increased ridership in mind, Cisco provides railway solutions that target the enabler of these goals: a sound operation. An efficient operation is the platform for an experience that is safe, enjoyable and cost effective.

In my next blog, we will cover why the acquisition of Fluidmesh’s Technology will strengthen Cisco’s Wireless Solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things and customers who are using such reliable wireless technologies in rail, mining, ports, and public transit to improve productivity, safety, and the customer experience.

Feel free to contact me Erick Caron, to discuss Demo, Pilot or Proof of Concept foryour organization with the support of Cisco CDA (Cisco’s Country Digital AccelerationProgram).

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