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Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (3): Speaker Tasks

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Like many colleagues at Cisco, I work right now on my slides for CiscoLive!
The first draft is due pretty soon, as it will be reviewed and feedback regarding the content will be provided.

For some topics I already know, I will need to create new slides (rsp. I already created new slides).
Other topics I want to cover with existing slides, which I already used in earlier presentations.

That means, I’m currently

  • creating slides
  • copying existing slides
  • adjust existing slides to the CiscoLive! Templates
  • updating existing slides with up to date information
  • create an order of slide, which should support my presentation flow
  • etc. etc.


Guess the biggest challenge in this process?
Honestly – deciding what to skip!

Yes, I have to skip things, as bad as it sounds – I just have way too many ideas, what to talk about or what details to mention than I actually have time to do so.
Therefore I now need to judge – what topics/details will fit in, what should or must I skip – what’s going to be the most interesting part for the Customers, etc.

You might not believe it, but this is the hardest and most time-consuming CiscoLive!-Task I’m facing right at this moment.

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