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Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (2): Registration

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Already in the first post of this Mini-Series I mentioned it – I believe, this is THE Cisco-Event in Europe and you simply need to be there.

To be able to attend you will need to register and to register it’s now the time!
But why?
Till End of November 2014 the Registration-Fee is being lowered by 400 Euros, which is around 20% discount of the regular price.
If you’re paying by Learning-Credits this translates into 5 Learning-Credits savings.

Maybe however you will not be able to spend the whole week in Milan – for whatever reason.
Also for you there are options – like for example the “Explorer”-Pass, which gives you access on a certain day.

The “Explorer”-Pass is especially also interesting, if you’re a developer and you want to have a look into the DevNet-Zone.

Please have a look into the following page for more information and options regarding registration:

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