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Mini-Series Cisco Live 2015 (1): Motivation

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

When we look out of the window or if we listen to the Weather-Forecasts we can easily recognize:
“Winter is coming”

Some people are already looking forward to get back onto the Ski’s and on the slopes, others are looking forward to Christmas and New year – might even already started preparation of gifts or family meetings.
And again other people might just look forward to next spring and hope Winter will be over as soon as possible.

Well, every year around this time, many people in Cisco are looking forward to CiscoLive!
The next European version will be held end of January 2015 in Milan, Italy.

And I’m myself are one of these people looking forward to this event, which I would claim is THE Cisco-Event in Europe.

Over the years I became heavily involved into CiscoLive and in this MiniSeries I want to share some thoughts with you.
The posts in this Mini-Series probably will not be very long and also reflect might some very personal viewpoints; they will probably also appear only in irregular intervals.
I however still hope they will also contain interesting information for you.

BTW: Feedback is very welcome!


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