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Improve Business Continuity with Analytics – Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) #1/3

Monday, 30 July 2018

Understanding the availability and performance of IT services is a critical success factor for IT-driven companies.

Dynamic optimization technology uses telemetry, algorithms, analytics, and policies to drive automated actions that reduce waste, cost and risk exposure, while improving services. It helps to embrace decision support in complex data-center environments, but also automation to reduce time to market while ensuring quality and SLAs.

The Cisco’s Multi-Cloud Framework is designed to accelerate cloud strategies and deliver the right operational and financial outcomes of complex cloud environments. This is essential for today’s cloud paradigm, which takes in traditional data center infrastructure, private cloud and public cloud services. It bundles a multi-cloud advisory service, connectivity, consumption – and, crucially, security. The cloud advisory team helps you to understand and develop business-appropriate prioritisation and create an implementation plan that rapidly delivers incremental value. It gives you the tactical options for building a strategic technical architecture that gives your developers the freedom to take a business requirement into production as fast as possible. The outcome will be an report. You can also take this self-driven cloud advisor report assessment to measure yourself against other businesses.

Full adoption of cloud services is rare and we will help you to manage performance and costs across hybrid environments effectively. IT Departments need a solution that works in conjunction with their cloud management platform to place applications cost effectively into an on-premise, public or hybrid environment.

CWOM ensures business continuity (up-time) and the performance of business-critical applications. Given that legacy IT models provisioned resources to satisfy peak performance, the results has been too much capacity sitting idle during non-peak production cycles. At a time when IT budgets are flat or shrinking, organisations need a solution that transfers those under-utilised resources to applications that need them.

A continuous improvement approach like CI/CD is supported to align tactical options with business benefits. Our framework also connects multi-cloud environments, so  DevOps teams can consume cloud services easily, with governance and compliance mandatory enabled. The integration with CloudCenter and AWS Pipeline, read more. Cisco security helps to remove attack vectors and protect customers and business critical data. Our solution stack includes multi-cloud management, security and network analytics – all key capabilities if you are to embrace the multi-cloud world successfully.

Relevant solutions include Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) and integrations into Cisco CloudCenter (C3), Tetration, HyperFlex (HX) and Cisco Container Platform (CCP).

This integrated solutions will help you to:

  • simulate costs for public-cloud workload migrations and increase Data-Center infrastructure density while improving application performance (CWOM),
  • optimize workload size with application performance data (CWOM and AppDynamics),
  • enable governance and cost control for CI/CD and multi-cloud deployments (CWOM and CloudCenter),
  • accelerate container projects with rightsizing and reducing fragmentation, on-premise and in any cloud (CWOM and CCP) and
  • ensure connectivity awareness and network placement optimization (CWOM and Tetration)

The next blog explains how analytics with CWOM improves application performance and shows integration use-cases with CloudCenter (Multi-Cloud Management), AppDynamics (application performance management) and Tetration (network visibility and enforcement across cloud borders).

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  1. Full adoption of cloud services is rare and we will help you to manage performance and costs across hybrid environments effectively.<a href=""></a&gt;