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How to Prepare Meals at Scale – Building Application Models in Cisco CloudCenter | Part 4/4

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Menu and Ordering Self Service Portal

Now we are ready. The Kitchen is set up, the dishes are planned, all ingredients are ready. But how do we get the actual customer to order?

How to Model

Here we see the chef in action. It doesn’t just look easy to create an application profile, it actually is. We’re creating an application profile for the open source project NextCloud. The actual deployment scripts already have been created and built, following the practices described in Part 1Part 2  and Part 3. For your convenience, we put all the details on how to do this and the deployment scripts on GitHub:

How to Consume

Well, the best chef in the kitchen doesn’t help, if you as a customer can’t easily order your dish. In the second video, we walk you through a possible use case with an end-user, how such a modeled application can be consumed. Please be aware, there are multiple ways in interacting with CloudCenter as an end-user. We’ve chosen the GUI mode for an easy visualization, however, CloudCenter is completely open on the north bound and supports restful APIs for integration as well as a DevOps oriented interface. For readers interested in the DevOps aspects of CloudCenter, feel free to check out our Blog on “How to Build a Cloud Agnostic CICD Pipeline”.


This was the last part of our blog series. We hope we could stimulate your appetite for cloud agnostic modeling and deployment. I’d like to thank sous-chefs Ralf Antweiler and Sebastian Straube who helped a lot in the mise en place for this Blog series.


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