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Cloud Agnostic CI/CD Pipeline for DevOps – #4 Building Block 1

Monday, 26 June 2017

Get the insides of CI\CD blueprint on building block 1

To understand the whole process first is crucial to understand the building blocks. Visit my last blog to recap the process steps. We are starting today with a detailed description how we can implement the building block 1.

1 Learning Goals

After the building block 1, you will be ready with the code base and explore the environment with AWS and GitHub. Furthermore you will get started by checking out the sample application code.

  • Technologie Overview
  • AWS Login
  • GitHub Login
  • Getting to know the Admin Instance
  • Application Code Checkout

2 Description

This is the getting started lab. You will check all your logins and explore the different platforms. You will login to your AWS Instance where you will checkout the sample code that you will be working with for the rest of the blueprint.

AWS Login
1. Go to your AWS console
2. Login to your account. (You need to create/use your own account.)

Admin Instance
1. Change the region to “EU (Ireland)”

2. Create EC2 Linux VM (Getting Started)
3. Use Putty to open the connection to the VM

Checkout the Code on your VM
1. Connect to your instance and install git
2. clone the code with git
> git clone

We have now a valid EC2  instance and the example application is downloaded and installed via Git. Please contact us if you have any questions how to extend this blueprint or integrate a new service. The next blog shows you how to integrate the second building block with Jenkins. Please Contact us for further interest of the solution.


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