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Cisco Connected Roadways solutions at play in Austria – soon in Switzerland?

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Imagine a highway that clears traffic jams before they happen, and that prevents accidents, by giving drivers the information they need to safely reach their destination. In case of an emergency, it can quickly direct rescuers and police to the site of an accident, getting victims the help, they need and clearing the road for other drivers.

ASFINAG, Austria’s motorways and expressways founded in 1982 and an Austrian federal agency, is making this a reality, with a nationwide network built around Cisco Connected Roadways solutions.

ASFINAG oversees the planning, building, maintenance, and operations of the roadways in Austria. More than a decade ago, ASFINAG came up with a visionary plan to build a fiber-optic network along the highways to connect technical equipment along the roads. Thousands of sensors were installed to route the data through a central system and on to nine traffic management centers. The sensors monitor traffic, road and weather conditions around the country.

By using the data generated by over 70’000 connected sensors, 6’500 cameras over 2’200 km of roadways and 400 km of tunnels, ASFINAG has the ambition of providing a smooth travel experience.

Already exceeding the standards implemented by the European Union directive on intelligent transport systems, the company is determined to continue to lead the EU in transport technology by expanding its network and is looking at more ways to use data analytics to even predict traffic issues for a smooth, safe and travel experience.

Curtailed carbon emissions while solving common safety, mobility, and operational challenges

Cisco Connected Roadways helps you facilitate immediate and future benefits in safety, mobility, and efficiency initiatives. It allows for a smoother flow of traffic, reducing congestion and secondary collisions as well as overall fuel/energy consumption.

The solution paves the way for a foundation upon which connected, autonomous vehicles can communicate with their surrounding environment.

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