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Business Critical Services: DNA of Collaboration and Trust for IT Transformation (part 1 of 2)

Thursday, 7 December 2017

IDC predicts that 45% of organizations intent to be digital ready by 2020, which means that evolution of IT starts now!

Evolution takes time, similar to a new born baby, where DNA provides instructions to survive ourselves as species and having the right instructions is critical for survival. Today, I want to share a set of elements for IT Transformation and how to embrace the Next Evolution of Cisco Services.

Customers at C-Level and LoB leaders care about new sources of revenue, faster time to market and cost efficiency, the Next Evolution of Cisco Services, Business Critical Services, empowers customers through a transformation framework, while helping them to be Agile by reducing risks associated with changes.

DNA of Collaboration and Trust

How to be Agile as ONE Team, while making IT Transformation real.


Each of the following elements have a key role and should be part of our Service delivery, regardless the architecture, not only for Cisco but also for our customers and partners acting as ONE Team.

The 7 Elements of Collaboration and Trust for IT Transformation:

Being part of a team where everyone is committed, inspire everyone to give their best and not waste time. At the end, we all have the same goal, get things done!

Our engagement with our customers and partners must be visible at any time and requires a common understanding of the outcomes we want to reach together.

IT Transformation is not only about technology, this includes IT principles and processes that should be adjusted as soon as possible to minimize deviation.

Cisco Services is based on business outcomes, where our priority is to fix customer challenges together and not only as Client-Vendor.

In a complex environment, our customers demand analytics, automation and expertise, with Business Critical Services we help them to navigate the IT Transformation.

Working as ONE team requires to keep dialog open, because only when spreading the good and bad news, we become stronger, always getting closer to the goal.

This is not just about splitting the work, this is about self-contained teams that creates and change things quickly with efficiency.

We use these elements with different customers and sectors, with similar results; we build a solid relationship based on Collaboration and Trust, while helping them to survive the IT Transformation. In my next blog, I’ll explain how the engagement model works and how we collaborate with customers.

Because is not about Client-Vendor, this is about getting things done with business outcomes as the driver.

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