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Boiling Water in the Data Center or How to Optimize Workload Placement

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Stay efficient in a busy world

Energy Label

Are you as efficient as you can be?

When buying a car, a new dishwasher or a new fridge, we pay close attention to the energy labels that indicate how energy efficient they are. This is similar with all equipment in the datacenter: We pay close attention to energy star certifications, optimized airflows, power consumption and so on. However, this is only the initial step.

Would you to put boiling water in your fridge?

There are some things that we wouldn’t do in our private lives that we see happen in the datacenter space. For example, when “hot” VMs are placed next to others, they can negatively influence application performance. And now that workloads are doubling relative to IT budgets and headcounts, how can humans be expected to keep up and improve the situation?

Introducing: Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM), the Energy Label for Your Virtual Environment

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager addresses this complex topic, taking into account the many factors that need to be considered and brought into balance.

Workload placement is a complex problem

Workload placement is a complex problem

CWOM uses advanced operational analytics and automation to bring infrastructure resources and workload demands into an equilibrium. Based on a real-time decision engine, CWOM scales infrastructure resources and workload placement in response to fluctuations in the workload demand. By having a deep understanding of the infrastructure capabilities and leveraging an agentless discovery of services and capacity while understanding application demand, this tool is able to assure workload performance and efficiency at the same time.

Real-time decision engine that scales infrastructure resources and workload placement in response to fluctuations in workload demand. Assures workload performance and efficiency By delivering the right amount of infrastructure to workloads to ensure performance

The right amount of infrastructure when you need it

Automation is Key

Cisco Workload Optimization Managers goes even one step further. It not only continuously analyzes the environment, but  also suggests concrete actions instead of just raising alarms. All actions can be fully automated out of the box or in conjunction with UCS Director. This results not only in higher infrastructure efficiency but also in higher productivity of your staff.

Some of the exciting results customers reported on testing CWOM included:

  • Improved performance for workloads sharing a common infrastructure
  • Addressing and identifying under-utilized infrastructure
  • Being able to help address challenges in capacity management
  • Reduced monitoring alerts
  • Increased visibility into resource usage of the applications

Perhaps most impressively: More than 80% of our customers told us that CWOM created value for them within the first 3 months.

Simplify and speed up your business

The bottom line is: If you are seeking for a great tool to help you speed up your business operations by delivering the right amount of infrastructure for your workloads through intensive analysis in order to take your data center to the next level, the Cisco Workload Optimization Manager might be just what you need. Give it a try! Your business will thank you.

Customers in Switzerland can reach out directly to the Fast IT Team or contact their Cisco representative.

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