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Monday, 2 November 2020

It’s not easy for us to stay in touch, events may not be possible or simply not enough to feel connected. I therefore decided to give a video diary a chance. On a (hopefully) regular basis, I look back on what I learned since the last blog entry and share what I feel / are the most important news.

With this, I hope to provide viewers an idea on what our daily challenges are, share the solution where available, take questions and with a little luck, make you feel more connected.

11. January 2021

13. November 2020

6. November 2020

30. October 2020

23. October 2020

16. October 2020

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  1. Great updates and love the idea of video dairy.
    Keep them coming and stay save.

  2. Keep the excellent work going Roland, it´s of great value.