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Would You Like Wi-Fi With That?

May 5, 2017

Flo King, co-owner of Dirty Bird Chicken and Waffles, admits that technology was never a priority for her growing small business. Not surprisingly, the Toronto-based restaurateur focused instead on what mattered most: chicken.

But with the increasing influence of social media – her diners love sharing photos of their meals – can a restaurant afford not to offer free wireless access? The time had come for Dirty Bird to reconsider its priorities.

“I always thought guest Wi-Fi was an added business expense,” said Flo. “I didn’t realize I could use it as a marketing tool to help my business grow.

In fact, it’s a tool many small and mid-sized businesses, including restaurants, in Canada are finally benefiting from. Guest wireless access not only improves the dining experience but – and here’s where good gets great – it can also provide valuable data that restaurateurs can use to build customer loyalty.

In this video, Flo learns more about how guest Wi-Fi and Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) solution can help Dirty Bird spread its wings.

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