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What Every Business Needs to Know, Now, About the Future of Work

June 27, 2014

Previously I’ve written about how the way we work is changing. Specifically, I said that work is more interconnected than ever before.

And it’s true. Think about all the ways you communicate with your colleagues and how they communicate with you. It’s changed greatly over the last decade as videoconferencing and remote working have become pervasive.

But how we collaborate with colleagues still pales in comparison to how we collaborate in our personal lives. Think about your family and friends and how seamless the experience is when you communicate. Devices with single-button design. Video in the palm of your hand. User interfaces that are simple and intuitive.

SX10 Quick Set

Recently, Cisco SVP Carl Wiese shared his thoughts on collaboration technology and the future workspace. Companies are beginning to understand that where employees work is intrinsically connected to how employees work. And that the workspace needs to reflect your employees’ working habits and expectations.

Carl wrote that “embedding collaboration technology into your space design is critical to the success of any workplace transformation effort. Employees need seamless, uninterrupted access to the information they need to get their jobs done. And the tools they use must be as intuitive as their own personal devices.”

He continued to say that “[Cisco] understand[s] that as technology becomes more flexible and employees more mobile, space design must go hand in hand with efforts to improve productivity, foster innovation, lower costs, and improve employee satisfaction.”

I encourage you to read Carl’s full blog post here.

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