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When Worlds Collide: What I learned from Collision Conference 2019

May 13, 2019

Have you ever had a moment when you just pause, look around, and go “This is big. I need to remember this”? Being at Collision from May 20  – 23 was full of those. Here are my big moments:

Everybody loves a metaphor (and a selfie)

There are many technology and vendor options but how do you pick the right one for your business today and tomorrow? It can feel like there isn’t a clear path forward. Cisco was at Collision to show how Cisco can be your guide through this IT jungle. To bring this to life, we had a 16 ft tall living (yes, living!) plant wall built. It became the must have backdrop for photos and some people took the jungle theme to heart and monkeyed around

Be the bridge

 A number of the start-ups shared that they were using our open APIs in their apps. One of these start-ups is now in the process of getting formally involved in the Meraki developer ecosystem program with the details of their solution to be shared on a Canada-wide sales call. To complete the bridge, we’ve talked about this company working with the Toronto Innovation Center to continue their work.

So easy a kid can use it

There were lots of kids at Collision and they all loved the Webex Board in our demo area, playing tic tac toe with people back in the Cisco office. It might not be why the Board was developed, but I love seeing creative uses of our products. Perhaps a new value add for the Webex Board? “Enable employees to play tic tac toe in real time”.

“Build a blameless security culture”

Dug Song from Duo Security brought the human element back to protecting your people from cyber security threats – by creating a blameless security culture. The easiest way to do this is to have a comprehensive security solution create a fence against attack.

Sales and Marketing are Dead

Cisco’s own CMO Karen Walker took the stage to share insights from our massive marketing transformation and how she sees marketing (and sales) evolving – no longer two separate sides of the office, but the digital and human drivers of the bottom line.

“We are your key”

Rola Dagher flipped the Cisco technology story during her partner session on Tuesday. Today, Cisco is the big company other big companies can rely on. But we were once a small business and we’re getting back to our roots, focusing on what small businesses need – simple, straight-forward, “drive it off the lot” technology. You can find out more about our small business solutions here.

Read the recap of Rola’s session

And finally, crossing off the selfie bucket list

Our Canadian social media guru (@JulianJas and professionally @CiscoCanada) got to cross off some people from his selfie bucket list. I’m pretty sure that was his Collision highlight!

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