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Delivering business outcomes with factory wireless solutions

March 13, 2019

For years, manufacturers have used wireless technology on the factory floor to power equipment such as machine sensors and computers. But these wireless networks are key to driving the business benefits that come with the connected factory – including higher margins and improved equipment productivity.

How so? Operational data is at the core of any manufacturing network, sensors enable access to that data, and that data is communicated over a wireless network.

For example, some of the most common wireless IoT sensors measure vibration, temperature and humidity. The sensors then send relevant, valuable data over secure wireless networks where it is processed, analyzed, and actioned.

There are countless applications for this data. For example, sensors can …

  • Detect when connected tools such as screwdrivers aren’t functioning properly
  • Alert employees in real-time to machine or production issues
  • Track operational metrics such as OEE and MTTR
  • Provide intelligence that enables predictive machine maintenance

But once you have a wireless network in place, and sensors reporting critical application data … what’s next?

Communications. By providing workers with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones on the factory floor, employees gain immediate access to each other, to experts, and to the ability to receive real-time notifications, pages and safety alert messages.

Video also provides manufacturers with benefits such as …

  • Dashboards and digital signs operate in real-time, eliminating the need to print and post the latest production metrics
  • Faster response time avoids the need to fly in experts
  • Digital work instructions improve training and quality processes

All these benefits of connected mobility are focused on one place – the bottom line. So for your next IoT project – or your next technology project, period – consider how a wireless network will improve the efficiency, safety, and production of your factory floor.

And if you already have a wireless network in place … consider how adding video or other communications solutions will get you a step closer to your business goals.

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