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New Year, New Gear: 5 Reasons to Refresh in 2019

January 11, 2019

Alright… here we go, 2019.

It just sounds so futuristic, doesn’t it? (I’m still waiting for those flying cars I drew as a kid)

But it’s a brand new year full of new beginnings and opportunities; it’s the ideal time for growth, change, and setting the tone for the months that lie ahead.

The same rings true for your biz—and as the backbone of your organization, your network too may need a little TLC. Let this be the year to drive better business outcomes, and investing in the right technology at the right time is vital to success.

Here are my top 5 reasons why 2019 is the year to refresh your network

1. Everything is going mobile, including your workers.

Your employees are on the go, and require anytime access, on any device. To support the increasing number of devices and application requirements, you’re going to need a big leap forward in bandwidth.

2. Elevate the customer experience.

Leverage the network as a means to drive new, innovative experiences. From seamless, faster, Wi-Fi connections to highly personalized digital experiences, taking a proactive approach to better engage and understand your customers is what will keep ‘em coming back (and upping those revenue streams).

3. The cyber threat landscape is not what it used to be.

Your current infrastructure seems to be working fine on the surface, but is it safe? With the growth of multi-cloud environments, mobility, and IoT, it’s time to seek an integrated approach to security by using the network as a sensor to detect and contain even the most sophisticated threats.

4. The evolution of automation.

Aging, legacy networks are simply not designed to support the number of users, devices, and data we’re seeing today. By automating—even partially—tasks, processes, and workflows, this frees up time for IT to focus on more strategic initiatives in the organization.

5. Reap big business benefits & insights.

What you don’t know can potentially harm your business—and what you do know can make a big difference. Better visibility across the network allows for faster troubleshooting, and can help garner valuable insights to inform future decisions. Such is not always the case when dealing with a siloed, multivendor environment.

What are your #networkgoals this year? Check out our Infrastructure Upgrade Guide to see how Cisco can help kickstart your transformation.



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