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6 factors to consider when choosing the right online meeting solution.

June 13, 2018

Collaboration happens when two or more people or organizations work together to achieve a goal. The easiest setting for seamless collaboration is when people are in the same location having a face-to-face discussion. Can important business decisions be placed on hold when these people are no longer in the same room at the same time? No! Business needs to go on as usual with collaboration technology that enables colleagues, customers, and partners around the globe to meet, create and share information just as they would if they were in the same physical location. Organizations need the right collaboration software to help speed up decision-making, boost productivity and empower organizations to work together from any location and on any device. Watch how you can take your meetings anywhere with Cisco Webex.

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly mobile world, everything needs to happen quickly and easily. In picking a solution that is right for your organization, there are several factors to consider –

  • Ease of installation – The software installation process should be straightforward and easy for anyone without considerable technical knowledge to set up. It should also be easy to invite participants, schedule and start meetings.
  • Device-agnostic – The right collaboration software should work on any mobile device (phones, tablets, laptops) anywhere without requiring special adaptations.
  • Secure file sharing – While sending files containing sensitive and confidential information or otherwise, there must be a secure form of transmitting this data.
  • In-person meeting experience – Real-time screen sharing enables you to work together like you do in person by making presentations, reviewing documents, demonstrating applications, sharing anything on your desktop or passing control and letting someone else be the presenter.
  • Audio and video quality – High audio quality allows you to interact without interruptions enabling you to meet project deadlines and maximize your resources by bringing people together without the time and expense of travel.
  • Record and replay meetings – An important feature for those who are unable to attend a meeting but need to be involved.

These are all legitimate business requirements in our current evolving workplace, which require a complete solution that is capable of handling them.

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