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IT professionals, can you avoid the curse of multivendor mountain?

May 4, 2018

You park your car in the usual spot and take a deep breath.

“Another day in paradise,” you think, as you slog into the office. In the lobby you see Darrin, aka 25 per cent of your IT staff. He hurries over with a dire look on his face.

“That security patch we ran last night is killing our throughput,” he says. “The vendor is calling us back in 10 minutes to help figure this out.”

One second in the door and your entire day is already shot. But what else is new? With three times more projects than your small team can handle, things are always falling through the cracks. And your reputation is falling fast too.

What would you do in this situation? If you’re an IT professional, you don’t need to think about your answer – you’ve already faced this reality many times over. And usually it doesn’t end well for your department (…if you’re lucky enough to have a department).

You know there’s a better way than the patchwork IT purchasing strategy your business employs. You know that deploying products from multiple network, security, and data center vendors ultimately leads to a Frankenstein technology environment that is difficult to manage, costly to maintain, and requires expertise beyond what your (typically) small IT staff can provide.

You also know the solution is simple. A more affordable, easier to manage, and convenient technology environment is here – one that combines networking, security, collaboration, and data center products from a single vendor. So you save money, save time, and get the support you need to help your business thrive.

It’s time to decide your destiny. Will you avoid the curse of multivendor mountain? Find out now.

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