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Spend way too long commuting daily? Stay productive with Cisco.

April 16, 2018

Millions of Canadians are stuck in traffic for several hours each week. According to a Statistics Canada survey, commuters spend an average of 26.2 minutes travelling to work, which means a commute of almost an hour daily. If you belong to the majority of workers that drive for over 30 minutes to get to work, then you are spending more than 5 hours in your car each week. Wouldn’t it be great to spend all that time behind the wheel being more productive?

Cisco is helping you do just that, by developing innovative technology to help you stay connected during your commute and using that time to do more. Cisco has partnered with Ford to enable Webex users to participate in meetings without having to take their eyes off the road. Eventually this technology will extend across car manufacturers that adopt Ford’s smartphone application interface software (Ford SYNC® AppLink), so that more commuters will be able to take advantage of this technology.

To read more about this technology and partnership, click here for a blog by Javed Khan, Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Collaboration Technology at Cisco.

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