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Expert Opinion: Cisco Kinetic for Manufacturing

January 26, 2018

While at Cisco Connect Toronto I caught up with Richard Mullen, part of Cisco’s IoT engineering and solutions group, to discuss Cisco Kinetic and how it impacts manufacturers.

In the conversation, Richard explained that Cisco Kinetic helps companies extract, compute, and move data from connected things to applications. This is especially important in data-rich industries such as manufacturing, where information can be gathered from every machine and piece of equipment on the factory floor.

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Gathering this data in a timely and meaningful way requires collection at the edge of a manufacturer’s network – in other words, pulling data directly from the switches on the floor instead of sending it back to your data centre for processing. Edge computing allows for faster decision-making as data gets processed in real-time, improving factory efficiency, performance, and product quality.

In this 3-minute video Richard explains why Cisco is the only company that can deliver a solution like Kinetic, and what the outcomes are for our customers.

Learn more about what Cisco Kinetic can do for you.

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