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10 Reasons to Consider Financing

November 30, 2017

Financing provides significant business benefits to companies of all sizes, but how well do you know what those benefits are?

For example, did you know it was possible to finance up to 100% of technology equipment costs? And that this financing extends to software and services?

(Did you also know that Cisco Capital – our wholly-owned financing subsidiary – recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and that the company provides the most flexible and competitive financing support for Cisco purchases?)

We believe every company deserves the chance to succeed, and that technology should never be a barrier to achieving your dream. See below for 10 good reasons every business owner should consider financing.

  1. You conserve cash. With financing, you don’t need to have CapEx available for technology purchases.


  1. Preserve credit. Use Cisco Capital for your technology costs, instead of lines of credit. This leaves more capital available for when you need it.


  1. Total Solution Financing. Finance up to 100% of your equipment costs such as maintenance, software, and services.


  1. Fixed Payments. Monthly or quarterly payments will help you predict and balance budgets over the financing term.


  1. Cash Flow Management. Pay for the equipment as the revenue or productivity benefits derived from the equipment are realized, not before.


  1. Flexibility. Structure payments to fit your budget through a variety of traditional and customized options.


  1. Avoid Technology Obsolescence. With financing, you have the flexibility to upgrade to new technology to match your business needs (for today and tomorrow).


  1. Off-Balance Sheet Financing. This may allow your company to maintain compliance with bank and loan covenants, stay within capital constraints, and improve certain financial ratios.


  1. Purchase & Renewal Options. Have the flexibility to return, purchase, or upgrade your equipment as needed.


  1. Deferred Payments & Other Benefits. Cisco Capital offers options and programs to ensure that acquiring the technology you need is as straightforward as possible.

Learn more about the benefits of financing now, and leave a comment if you have questions.

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