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A Breach in the North Pole (and the Christmas that Almost Wasn’t)

November 23, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Days are getting shorter and colder, and we’re all feeling the hustle and bustle as we inch closer to the holidays to finally slow down and spend time with our loved ones.

But this year has been a pretty close call for Santa. One night he’s hard at work making his list, checking it twice…only to discover that the North Pole has become the latest victim of a nasty cyberattack (one of the junior elves later admitted to opening what now appears to have been a phishing email).

Personal data is considered one of the most valuable and powerful forms of currency—and breaches continue to threaten an organization’s reputation, brand, and revenue at alarming rates. Hackers certainly seem to have a sweet-spot for retail—it was recently reported that retailers suffer 3x more attacks than the financial industry; that vulnerability increases significantly if you are using siloed, legacy systems that just aren’t designed to handle today’s complex threat landscape.

The answer is a taking a holistic approach to security—it’s more than just playing defense. It’s about protecting what you can’t see, such as instances with encrypted traffic. And it’s not only limited to the underlying network infrastructure; think about the various mobile devices, apps, and collaboration tools your employees use to communicate and stay productive day-to-day. Ask yourself: is your organization really protected inside and out?

No company is immune to a cyberattack (not even Santa’s workshop), but protecting the network should be at the forefront of business objectives and a #1 priority for decision-makers. Don’t make security an afterthought.


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