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Cisco ONE: Software, simplified from the desktop to the cloud.

October 30, 2017

Cloud-first. Mobile-first. Customer-first. How often do we hear these words in our industry? Doing business in the new era of networking requires a mind shift from traditional business models to a new set of tools that enable scale, security, and simplicity so Line-of-Business and IT decision makers can keep up with the pace of change.

“Digital transformation efforts will no longer be ‘projects,’ ‘initiatives,’ or ‘special business units’ for most enterprises. In effect, every (growing) enterprise — no matter its age or industry — will become a ‘digital native’ in the way its executives and employees think and how they operate”.

– IDC FutureScape, WW IT Industry Predictions for 2017

Software is the critical piece. It has become the de facto standard for any customer-centric organization as the key ingredient to digital transformation. It is also the one of the biggest strategic assets for maintaining a competitive advantage over peers. And if you’ve been following our Cisco journey over the past 18 months, we’ve made it clear that we are moving in this direction with software-centric products and solutions at the forefront of our DNA (Digital Network Architecture).

Meet the new and improved Cisco ONE; a flexible way to consume software for access, WAN, and data center domains. It’s one cohesive package that delivers the simplicity, intelligence, automation and security required for digital business.

Unlike other vendors in the game, Cisco ONE licenses are no longer tied to specific hardware, so they are entirely portable to the applicable next generation device at no cost when it’s time for an upgrade (win!). Other notable benefits include:

Simplified purchasing with hundreds of software features combined into a single suite – and access to the latest & greatest upgrades as they roll out;
Freedom to choose the size of your investment & consumption based on your needs for better budget predictability;
Full Cisco DNA use cases** supported by Software-Defined Access including automation, analytics, and enhanced security with ETA (Encrypted Traffic Analytics);
Renew and scale what you want—update your technology capabilities as your business needs change, worry-free.

**Only available with Cisco ONE Subscription for Switching

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