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The Digital Transformation of Barrick Gold [video]

October 27, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have likely heard of Barrick Gold. (Actually, you’ve probably heard of them if you’ve been living under a rock, too. But I digress.)

The largest gold mining company in the world, Barrick Gold’s headquarters is in Toronto, Ontario. The industry giant has 13 mining operations around the world – including one of their core operations in Lander Country, Nevada.

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Barrick’s goal is for their operation in Nevada to be the safest and most productive in the world. They are achieving this goal through a remarkable technology transformation that began in 2016, when Barrick partnered with Cisco to implement a digital transformation of their operations. Now, self-driving vehicles and sensors are making mines safer for employees, while data and analytics are helping refine processes.

As one Barrick employee puts it: “The future of mining is not your grandfather’s mine.”

No, it certainly is not.

Learn more about Barrick Gold’s digital transformation in our Q&A blog post with Barrick’s Head of Digital Transformation, Ed Humphries.

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