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Cisco Spark Flex Plan: How to grow your business while protecting your investments

September 14, 2017

Being locked into a contract after you outgrow it can feel like being trapped in a technological prison; and, unless you decide to abandon civilization and live off the grid, unfortunately, they’re inevitable. A two-year contract for your cell phone. A multi-year commitment for your cable package. Having to lock-in to purchase 15 extra channels just to watch that one show where everyone is playing a deadly, medieval version of musical chairs.

It wouldn’t be as crazy as, say, being the mother of dragons, to think that the same goes for your business. You sign a contract licensing a new team collaboration solution, roll it out, and that’s it. You’ve got what you’ve bought, end of story.

But your business isn’t static. It’s growing, changing. Maybe you’re hiring new talent or your operations are becoming more complex and sophisticated. Suddenly your team is expanding and that number of licenses you bought is no longer enough. Or, you want to roll it out to the whole company instead of just a few teams. Or, you need greater functionality. Or, or, or…I’m sure you get the point. Your business needs don’t stay the same from year-to-year, so why should your technology needs? But aren’t you locked into a fixed contract?

Not with the Cisco Spark Flex Plan.

The Cisco Spark Flex Plan gives you more control, allowing you to better align your purchase with your business needs. All of the subscriptions include Cisco Spark and its calling, meetings, and messaging functionality with additional options to suit your size and needs. Subscription-based billing also means your upfront costs are reduced through periodic payments, and you can upgrade to a more comprehensive plan whenever you need, without penalty. Your prior investments in your company are protected.

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With Cisco Spark and the Cisco Spark Flex Plan behind you, you are in control of your business’ destiny. You decide what you need and when you need it. You are turning business expenses into investments.

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