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Cisco Systems Canada gets COMFY (no more too hot, too cold)

June 21, 2017

Here at Cisco Systems Canada we strive to be on the leading edge of Digital Buildings/4th Utility and apply our technologies and expertise towards these efforts, allowing us to stay in front of the changing needs of the modern workforce.  We also look outwards for inspiration; working with innovative companies to develop and showcase tomorrow’s technologies that we believe will play a big part in the workplace of the future.  Our Innovation Center in Toronto has been hard at work to find the next big workplace technology and introduce it in our own office.  That is why we at the Cisco office at RBC Waterpark Place III, along with our landlord Oxford Properties, are thrilled to rollout a new workplace solution to our employees: an innovative app called Comfy.

Comfy provides a modern digital solution to the #1 office complaint: temperature control. Comfy connects directly to the office’s building management system to provide people-centered control to the building environment. The intuitively designed app allows employees to select their location and request a 10-minute stream of warm or cool air directly to their space.  No more dealing with sweltering conference rooms, resorting to hazardous personal heaters, or filing work orders to the facilities team.  With Comfy, employees can make themselves more comfortable, satisfied, and productive…all at the click of a button. In fact, Comfy’s user surveys reveal 83% of users reported being more satisfied with their workplace environment after Comfy, and 64% of users reported an increase in productivity.

We are excited that Comfy not only enhances the employee experience but also contributes to Cisco’s long-term sustainability and energy-efficiency goals.  That’s because Comfy isn’t just responsive, it’s smart.  Over time, Comfy aggregates user behavior data, applies machine learning to identify patterns, and proactively adjusts the building’s temperature setpoints to match those preferences. In doing so, it prevents unnecessary over-conditioning throughout the office, often leading to significant savings on energy used for HVAC.  In addition to these savings, building owners such as Oxford Properties can benefit from Comfy, as it eliminates 90% of temperature complaints, and can even help detect mechanical faults in the building.  Increasing the participation of the tenants decreases the burden of the landlord from time-consuming activities, freeing them to focus on greater value-add work.

Cisco is a data-driven/analytics organization, and one of the biggest advantages of the smart + connected workplace is the data that can be collected and analyzed to make better informed business decisions that further improve the employee experience and workplace operations. Comfy is no exception.  With each user request, Comfy captures over 100 points of data, which is aggregated and used to analyze behavioral patterns and space utilization. Comfy shares these findings through Comfy Insights, an intelligent dashboard that can help inform operational and workspace planning decisions, such as optimizing temperature setpoint limits, adjusting desk locations based on temperature preferences, and improving mechanical design.

There is a push towards the workplace becoming intelligent, empowered and connected.  Comfy was recently recognized as one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors in the Digital Workplace, and we’re not surprised why.  They’ve developed an innovative, engaging solution that empowers people to enhance their workplace experience while providing real-time, actionable insights to drive better business decisions.  Oxford Properties and Cisco are excited to partner with Comfy to bring another great workplace technology to its occupants and are looking forward to seeing the impact it has on our employees and workplace managers.

Come visit us at RBC Waterpark Place III and get Comfy!

William R MacGowan P.Eng., CEM – Catch Bill on Twitter
Director, Digital Buildings
Cisco Systems Canada

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