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eBook: How to Start your Journey on the IIoT

May 16, 2017

Unsure what the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) actually means for your factory environment? You’re not alone. But while implementing the IIoT within your factory can seem confusing, it’s actually fairly simple…when you do it properly.

We’ve created an eBook to help simplify, clarify and demystify the IIoT process. Download it now to find out:

  • Why the time is now for Canadian manufacturers
  • The difference between IoT, IIoT, Industrie 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing
  • The 5 steps to a successful IIoT deployment
  • How leading manufacturers began their journey with the IIoT

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Canadian manufacturers are falling behind global competitors. The time is now to begin adopting advanced technologies, like IIoT, to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase uptime
  • Make production faster, more agile and more efficient

Manufacturers worldwide are leveraging the IIoT in incredible and innovative ways on their factory floor. Download our eBook now and prepare to manufacture the future.

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