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Brewing a Better Beer with Technology

April 28, 2017

Toronto-based Henderson Brewing Company is like many Canadian small businesses. Founded in 2014 to “tell Toronto’s story through beer,” the focus of Henderson’s leadership isn’t technology or IT systems. It’s their passion: brewing the best beer.

“I don’t think we ever thought about systems,” said Steve Himel, Henderson Brewing Company’s General Manager. “We thought about opening a brewery. And then we did. And then we had to invent the systems we were going to put in place.”

Sound familiar?

Now that growth is on the agenda, Henderson needs to simplify their systems. Manual processes need to be automated. Complexity needs to be eliminated. Inventory needs to be tracked. Industrial controls need to be connected. They need to get as serious about technology as they are about beer.

In this video, Steve learns how technology can help Henderson Brewing take their business to the next level by providing real-time visibility across the brewery floor and simplifying operations.

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