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Personalization, one meal at a time

April 17, 2017

For Elia Herrera, executive chef of the popular Toronto restaurant Los Colibris, opening her restaurant was a labour of love.

“The inspiration was my grandmother, she taught me how to cook Mexican cuisine,” said Herrera. “The fact that I have the opportunity to bring memories and experiences from my childhood, it means a lot to me.”

The dining experience at Los Colibris is a reflection of Herrera’s focus on family. Each guest has a personal experience they will remember long after their meal is complete (and their photo is uploaded to Instagram).

For growing businesses like Los Colibris, extending these experiences beyond a customer’s on-site interaction can be a challenge. In an increasingly digital world, how do they stand out and build customer loyalty?

Cue technology.

In this video, Herrera learns how a combination of Cisco CMX and Turnstyle solutions can help Los Colibris increase customer loyalty and return diners.

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