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An Investment for the Future

April 6, 2017

Established in 2011, CONNECT Asset Management helps investors secure pre-construction condos. For founders Ryan Coyle and Matt Elkind, CONNECT is a way to ensure buyers get the best deals while protecting their investment in Toronto’s popular housing market.

“We make investing in condos easy,” said Elkind.

“When the condo is ready, we find tenants, screen tenants and manage the entire process, making everything absolutely turnkey,” added Coyle.

It’s a strategy rooted in making investors feel secure in their purchase. CONNECT’s customers trust that the service they receive from the growing business is the best in the industry, and the founders aim to keep it that way.

In this video, Coyle and Elkind learn how protecting customer data is essential to building customer trust and loyalty. They also learn why Cisco’s cyber security solutions should be a key piece of their security strategy.

Learn how our cyber security solutions keep your data secure, watch more business transformation videos and stay tuned for more digital transformation stories.

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