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The Changing Face of Cybersecurity

March 24, 2017

We are just a few months into 2017 and there has already been a wealth of news citing cybersecurity attacks targeting large organizations, government, and financial institutions here in Canada. With news of leaks and possible hacks making headlines daily, it seems as though the onslaught of these types of threats is far from slowing down.

From a cybersecurity lens, it isn’t anything out of the ordinary given the slew of attacks that have taken place globally over the past year.  According to PWC, cybersecurity incidents in Canada alone increased 160% YoY in 2016.  With attacks and breaches surging at an all-time high, network security must be kept top of mind – and what you may not realize is that your outdated legacy hardware could, unknowingly, make you even more vulnerable to attackers. 

Our innovative security solutions have the network covered end-to-end; it’s embedded into our architecture as part of our overall DNA strategy.  Think of it like your network playing a little offense and a little defense, knowing exactly where and when to make a move.  In the case of the infamous 2014 Yahoo email breach, it only takes one time incident to do major damage, and there are certainly more skilled attackers out there – but building a safe, intelligent edge can help you stay one step ahead. With solutions in place such as NaaS / NaaE to give you a holistic view of network traffic and activities via our NetFlow technology, robust guest profiling through ISE, and advanced malware protection (AMP), it may be time to re-evaluate your current security strategy.

So, let me leave you with this as a final thought: “If you had a kingdom to protect, would you stop at placing a lock on the castle door?”

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