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An ex-Winnipegger’s Guide to Winter Survival

January 29, 2016

IMG_1212So it’s here … it happens every year … and yet the onslaught of winter always jolts our senses and monopolizes our elevator conversations as if it’s something new. I moved to Toronto 15 years ago from Winnipeg and, while I do have a tendency to scoff at Torontonians when they start moaning about minus 10 weather (if they only knew the torture of plugging in your car, freezing in bus shelters, icicles dangling from your eyelashes…), I have acclimated to Toronto winters and do participate in the local melancholy.

Along with physical discomfort we have to bear, winter storms cost local economies heavily. The ripple effect of poor road conditions is huge, from lost wages for employees to lost revenue for companies, to lost tax income for governments.  According to a study commissioned by the American Highway Users Alliance and carried out by global consulting firm HIS Global Insight, the impact of a one day shutdown can cost some provinces hundreds of millions of dollars.

To help businesses avoid this fate, we have assembled a winter survival kit in the event of a storm or other dangerous weather conditions for organizations to share with their employees.  The kit includes productivity tools that will first and foremost ensure the safety of your staff (while still enabling them to get their work done). I realize it’s a mentality shift for some organizations to allow employees to telework, but with the right tools they can be just as productive as if they were in the office … it works for us.

Winter Kit

Check out the kit, share with your teams, be safe and stay warm!!

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  1. Great article Andrea, Today in Calgary it is sunny and we should get to about 7’C, gotta love chinooks, but that said I am in my home office fully engaged on a HD video meeting, next up a web conference with video, all from the comfort of home, and I have no idea what the traffic was like this morning heading downtown! At Cisco my home office is always open!