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Extending Security Everywhere … including Canada

November 10, 2015

AS91226A few months ago at Cisco Live U.S., we announced both our strategy and several new offerings for Security Everywhere Across the Extended Network. We believe that our vision of delivering Security Everywhere – from the cloud to the network to the endpoint – is essential to reduce risk, gain competitive advantage and make security a growth engine for organizations.

Just last week we announced that we are extending Security Everywhere with new capabilities and services that deliver greater visibility, context and control from the cloud to the network to the endpoint, for organizations of all sizes.

As my colleague Scott Harrell recently wrote about this announcement:

Employees need access to more enterprise resources from more devices than ever and attacker ingenuity and persistence has reached new heights. As a result, organizations are losing sight of who and what is accessing the network – and the threats that may take hold. Controlling and detecting lateral movement of these threats inside a network is a major challenge most organizations face. Cisco is further improving its market leading capabilities to meet this challenge by simplifying the deployment of software based segmentation, leveraging more of the network’s intelligence, and extending flow based visibility for detecting insider and advanced persistent threats beyond the network to one of the most commonly deployed endpoint agents in the world.

Scott continues and provides further details on this announcement and our Security Everywhere strategy:

AMP Threat Grid is now integrated with Cisco network-based appliances including Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services and AMP for Networks providing users with an inline solution for advanced malware analysis and threat intelligence. Building on previous integrations with Cisco web and email secure gateways and AMP for Endpoints, AMP Threat Grid is now integrated across the entire security infrastructure. Through a single user interface, these integrations provide continuous, automated analysis of suspicious files in a matter of minutes, not hours or days, regardless of ingress or egress point. Additionally, AMP for Endpoints has been extended to include support for Linux-based endpoints in datacenters.

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) enable organizations to better understand, control, and monitor the usage of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud applications while maintaining a balanced risk profile and not impending the employee’s productivity. By integrating directly with Cisco’s Cloud Web Security, Cisco’s partners, Elastica and Skyhigh, can further improve and simplify the deployment and rollout of CASB services. The newest version of Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) includes capabilities to deliver greater threat protection and comprehensive security with the integration of Cloud Access Security Broker capabilities, a completely redesigned GUI, and availability on the ISR 4K series of routers, for secure direct Internet access from branches using CWS. 

Cisco understands that security is foundational to seizing the emerging business opportunities that the Digital Economy creates. We believe that security strategies must be designed to address the new considerations and requirements of advancements that incorporate cloud, mobile, data and IoE technologies. Security Everywhere delivers capabilities that are pervasive, open, integrated and continuous to drive business value with greater speed, efficiency and agility.

You can read Scott’s full blog post here.

With this announcement, Cisco is enabling Canadian companies to embrace and leverage the power and scalability of cloud without compromising security posture or increase their attack surface during. And leveraging our security architecture enables organizations to systemically prevent and stop attacks on data whether it is on premise, in transit or in the cloud.

To learn more about how Cisco is extending Security Everywhere, watch our launch webcast.

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