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How We are Moving Towards an Amazing Classroom Experience

April 28, 2015

Improving learning outcomes and the experience in the classroom is top of mind for educators. As professionals, we’re also constantly on the lookout for new approaches that will save of time, effort, money, headaches … This is what innovation is about!


To learn more about these innovations I invite you to Connect 2015, taking place May 5-8 in Niagara Falls. Check the delightful Connected Learning Experience at the Cisco booth, and don’t miss what Cisco partners like Compugen (Diamond sponsor of Connect 2015) and EXO U (more on them later) have in store.

Register today for Connect 2015, Canada’s Learning and Technology Conference.

Simplifying Digital Tools
Complexity has increased for educators. They have to locate, fetch and share a variety of digital (and analog) resources with their students. These might come from textbooks, learning object repositories, online encyclopedias, public video sites, peer educators or from one’s own creativity … Organizing these resources is a complex task (e.g. building a list of links on a LMS course shell, while keeping track of a master list for reuse in future courses), and not one that can be done quickly.

For students, the task is similarly tedious. In a best case scenario, students go to the LMS. After that they’re on their own. If they need help, their educator has to see their screen to assist them. As educators are using more and more sites (e.g. the school LMS, Edmodo, Google Classroom), it becomes increasingly confusing for students (and for educators themselves) to keep track of where information is located. To complicate things further, students may use all sorts of devices (tablets, laptops, etc.) to access these resources.

How do we bring all this together? How do we make these resources and technology simple, and fun to use? I will discuss this during my presentation on Connected Learning Experiences at Connect 2015, and hope to continue the conversation with you afterwards. Join me on Friday, May 8th at 11am to learn more.

EXO U will be at Connect 2015 this May, and I’m happy to introduce this new Cisco solution partner who promises to change the game in the classroom. EXO U finally allows educators to have a little fun while blending digital and analog resources, leveraging mobile devices (any device) and sharing content with select students. I’m especially excited because EXO U is the first partner I had a chance to personally drive through the on-boarding process. Based in Montréal, Québec (and proudly Canadian), they are rapidly growing from Canada to the US, Europe and the Middle-East.

EXO U offers a delightful classroom experience by leveraging the many devices, applications and digital resources that students and teachers bring to the classroom. By simplifying collaboration and classroom management, they make learning a fun and productive experience. Attendees of Connect 2015 can check out EXO U in person at the Compugen booth during the show.

Join Us
During Connect 2015, visit us in booth #603 to experience a modern classroom experience. We’ll demonstrate flipped learning in the 21st century, how to on-board and manage thousands of devices with Meraki and how to share digital content in the classroom at the drop of your finger. Plus, we’ll be showing off some of our TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games pride as official technology provider of this summer’s Games.

So take the challenges, ask us how we are engaging students through our Cisco I CAN Learn and Cisco I CAN Develop programs and see if you can win a great prize while having fun teaching and learning!

I’ll see you at Connect 2015

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