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How you can become an Agent of Collaboration and solve your business’ critical challenges

April 10, 2015

Your business is operating in an incredible time. You may not realize it, but never – never – before have businesses had the tools at their disposal that we do. Never before have companies been able to take the pulse of their customers in an instant, or speak with customers 1,000 km away via video.

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Still, businesses still face challenges on their path to success. But increasingly these challenges are being met by companies who use these tools to connect employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

So, what are the tools I am talking about?

Collaboration technologies.  IP phones, video endpoints, instant message applications, mobile devices and the infrastructure to connect them all seamlessly.

At Cisco, we think of ourselves as Agents of Collaboration – specialists who excel at using collaboration technology to defeat the evils facing all businesses: cost over-runs, complexity and stagnancy. Why? Because we know that collaboration is key to innovation, productivity, growth and cost control. And we want Canadians across the country to become Agents of Collaboration, too.

We want you to stare down complexity and replace it with a seamlessly integrated communications system for all employees. We want you to defeat low customer satisfaction with rich, multi-channel experiences that immediately connect customers with the expertise they need.  And we want you to crush stagnant product lines with technology that embraces innovation and knowledge-sharing from anytime and anywhere.

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Becoming an Agent of Collaboration is easy. Click here to start your basic training, read your confidential dossier and discover what kind of Agent of Collaboration you can become. Will it be an Agent of Cost Control? Or an Agent of Employee Engagement? No matter your business challenge, your Agent of Collaboration training dossier has the solution.

When you are ready to start your field training, you can try a free trial of our collaboration technology and book a demo with one of our Agents of Collaboration partners, highly-skilled experts that will remove the complexity – and difficulty – of your mission. I’m confident that our Agents of Collaboration partners will make your mission, and your company’s technology transition, successful.

And because all good agents need fuel, all trainees will receive a complimentary $5 Starbucks gift card.

Start your basic training today, and begin your journey to become an Agent of Collaboration with Cisco.  Then leave a comment below and share how your business’ critical challenge is being met by technology.

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