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Global Editors Conference: Cisco is ready to tackle Big Data and other trends

December 12, 2014

This week I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Cisco Global Editors Conference at Cisco HQ in San Jose. This exclusive event was attended by media from all over the world, who were given ring-side seats to conversations with senior Cisco executives – including CEO John Chambers – on the future of technology, and Cisco’s strategies to better meet that future.

Global Editors Confernce

Over the course of the week a number of exciting panel discussions were held, including what we like to call Cisco’s Technology Forecast. CTO Padmasree Warrior discussed the future of innovation, the trends that will affect the technology industry in 2015 and beyond, and the ultimate impact technology has on everyday society. Among the topics raised were the growing security needs for the Internet of Things (IoT), the rapid growth of encrypted traffic, real-time analytics and the future of work, and the need for network simplification.

In addition to those topics, this discussion also touched on Cisco’s own initiative to foster innovation: the Technology Radar. Consisting of over 80 scouts – a mixture of engineers and other employees – the team is challenged with seeking and identifying both opportunities and threats that could impact Cisco’s business within the next 5 to 25 years. It’s an important component that ensures the company remains at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry and is able to adapt and succeed to its many challenges.

To really drive home that point, John Chambers announced Cisco’s commitment to data and analytics, as he unveiled our strategy and end-to-end portfolio to help customers extract value from data in ways no other current vendor can match.

Cisco has been touting the Internet of Everything (IoE) for the last couple of years and we continue to believe in the value that data can bring when you connect people, process and things. The challenge is accessing that data in a way that’s simple and meaningful. When you see the term “Big Data” tossed around the industry, it’s not merely a colourful exaggeration. The truth is there’s a tremendous amount of data floating around out there, collected from a variety of sources, and it’s a daunting task to collect, analyze, harness and ultimately act on it for value.

This is why we’ve announced the Cisco Connected Analytics packages, to give customers powerful analytics solutions that can have strong impact on their business, immediately. To accomplish this, our solutions combine intelligent networks and infrastructure with data virtualization. This will enable customers to access highly distributed data, while adding analytic capabilities to extract valuable insights.

And to drive home the pervasiveness of IoE, the packages have been designed with many different types of customers in mind, including retail, contact center, service providers, events and mobility. We’re determined that any business be able to correlate and truly capture the power of data.

Cisco believes IoE, and the ability to successfully analyze its potential, is the future and this week’s announcements adds another powerful tool to our arsenal to ensure the company and our customers are ready.

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