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How the Quebec Technology Association is Transforming with Technology – Part 3

October 29, 2014

In part one of this series I shared the story of L’Association québécoise des technologies (AQT), or the Quebec Technology Association, and the struggle it faced to connect and engage with disparate members. In part two I revealed how AQT is conquering this struggle and transforming itself with technology.

In the conclusion of this story today, I’ll look at how AQT’s decision to deploy a Cisco TelePresence solution – as well as WebEx and Jabber – has changed how AQT operates and what the future has in store.

AQT has used the Cisco video collaboration solutions (TelePresence, WebEx and Jabber) for a handful of events and the feedback from members has been positive. Members who couldn’t attend events previously were suddenly able to join via video and finally participate in discussions. The simplicity of Jabber was also praised.

SX10 Quick Set

To put it in AQT’s words: “There were no issues for remote users, period.”

As a technology professional, that’s music to my ears. Why? Because this is how technology should work. It’s designed to simplify and enhance our lives, and to make what we do easier. When we have a business challenge technology should help resolve it, not add layers of complexity.

For now, AQT expects more members to join the video collaboration sessions in the future as they learn about the technology’s ease of use, reliability and availability. But one thing is certain: the technology has transformed AQT into a truly provincial organization.

The Cisco technology is helping AQT extend its reach and influence, enabling it to reach across Quebec and changing the perception that it is just a Montreal-based organization. In the words of AQT’s Lapointe: “It’s going to open up doors for us that didn’t exist before.”

In the future, AQT will continue to offer a video collaboration option to members who cannot attend events in person. The organization also plans to use video for its organizational committee meetings and to stay in touch with members outside the Greater Montreal region.

And they will never go back to teleconferences: “It’s a more personal experience than a teleconference, which is how we’ve held meetings in the past. And Cisco TelePresence is easy for anyone to install and dial in, so it makes sense for us to use it as often as possible.”

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