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Putting the ‘Everywhere’ in Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere

June 25, 2014

It’s no secret that we’re more focused today on security than we have ever been. It began last year with our landmark acquisition of Sourcefire and continued in April when we announced Cisco Managed Threat Defense Service (MTD). MTD was the first service resulting from the Sourcefire acquisition and delivers a unique on-premise security solution integrating hardware, software and analytics designed to monitor, capture and analyze threats in any stage of the attack continuum.

Building on the momentum of these two announcements, we unveiled the latest piece of our security portfolio – Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere (AMP Everywhere) – last month at CiscoLive! in sunny San Francisco.

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What’s new for AMP Everywhere?

The latest AMP updates help deliver more comprehensive protection and analysis to more places.

Continuous & Zero-Day Detection
– Dynamic real time analytics
– Customizable detection

Advanced Analytics and Correlation
– Threat hunting
– Threat analytics reports
– Multi-source Indicators  of Compromise (IoCs)

Enterprise Capabilities
– Dedicated AMP appliances
– File capture and extraction
– Private cloud
– Mac OS compatibility

Putting the everywhere in AMP Everywhere

Protecting your on premise network is important and we’ve been integrating hardware, software and the data centre to bring the most comprehensive protection, detection and reaction solutions. However, what happens when employees leave the network with their devices? Cisco AMP Everywhere is a network and endpoint solution offering 360 protection for your network and its devices, and with AMP Private Cloud Appliance your files are safe, too.

Hardware updates

AMP Everywhere also includes some notable new software and hardware upgrade.

– AMP8150 (2 Gbps AMP performance)
– AMP7150 (500 Mbps AMP performance)

How AMP Everywhere addresses the attack continuum

In today’s security landscape, it is best to operate under the assumption that you have already been compromised. IT departments that are purely focused on the “before stage” are severely at risk. It’s important to acknowledge the “During” and “After” stages when developing your security strategy. This has led our focus on the customizable detection and real- time analytics found in MTD and AMP Everywhere.

Anytime an IT department or security specialist has the opportunity to extend security to more devices and beyond the network, it dramatically increases their ability to protect against attacks and react to those attacks that are unavoidable.

To learn more about Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere please visit our website to read the press release

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