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Collaboration is not an option, it’s a must!

May 8, 2014

Working together has never been so easy! In today’s working environment collaboration is a must. As an example, mobility extension software extends calling features of the office communications system to mobile devices, ensuring you never miss a beat. The real challenge begins with picking the perfect product, solution or company to provide the support you need. We at Cisco are here to help you make the right choices for your business.

I’d like to begin by highlighting a recent customer engagement. Our customer had committed to moving from an unsupported PBX to a new software based platform (SBP). After 4 years of effort and expense the customer has not been able to replace there failing PBX with the SBP. This is primarily because their senior partners and their executive admins use traditional PBX call coverage features not available with SBPs. Specifically the executive administrative assistant has the executive’s telephone line appear on her/his telephone so she/he can answer the executives call, then prioritize the calls and then intercom call to the executive as to which call to take next. SBPs can’t replicate this, but we can!

Why Upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

Why Upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

We have spent years maintaining and innovating communications capabilities to exceed customer requirements. In situations where Desk-Top IT Decision makers chose to deploy a SBPs instead of Cisco UC, we have seen critical business impacting capabilities often overlooked in the discovery process. This is often the result of the decision maker not understanding the legacy user requirements and picking a solution that can meet all users needs. The result of this is that customers are stuck with a SBP deployment where costs spiral out of control, SBP experience and quality fail to meet user expectations and the customer is still stuck maintaining the existing PBX… In some case this is 3 times the cost of migrating to Cisco!

We want to help you make the right choices for your company. Check out this infographic highlighting why you should upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

At the other end of the spectrum, we can also deliver the next generation work experience with Voice, Video and Content Sharing on any device enabling a full and consistent collaboration user experience, inside and outside of the company.

Cisco can also address the blended experience of desktop telephone augmented by new Desktop Experience, e.g. Jabber “Click to Call” from Outlook of a desktop telephone to simplifying calling while delivering enterprise grade voice and video quality.

Cisco’s Architecture for Collaboration can:

  1. replace contact centre,
  2. deliver multiple levels of resiliency via a well architected Cisco UC deployment,
  3. consistently deliver enterprise grade Voice/Video quality,
  4. easily enable collaboration with external parties without requiring client download & sign in, compared to common consumer based internet communications applications,
  5. support all important PBX features,

Important and often overlooked is the ability to leverage the intelligence in a Cisco Network (i.e. MediaNet, Call Admission Control, Quality of Service, Cisco Discovery Protocol, Common Management Tools, etc…). The network matters!

It takes a combination of well architected Software AND Hardware to meet customer’s expectations. UC and Collaboration are complex and being able to hold a single vendor accountable for solution delivery is a critical component for success.

To learn what our collaboration technologies can do for you, please visit our website here, or comment in the section below.

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