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Presidents Innovation Challenge: Vote today!

January 11, 2014

The Presidents Innovation Challenge at Sheridan College is today! We are giving everyone a chance to vote for his or her favorite team. The team with the highest votes wins $600.00!

Visit our Presidents Innovation Challange blog for more information.

How to vote for your favorite team:

–      Follow @CiscoCanada

–      Pick your favorite idea from the list of ideas below.

–      Tweet @CiscoCanada “vote,” with your favorite teams hashtag.

Please note, we are only counting one vote online per person, and each vote must meet the above criteria to be valid. 


Team Name: SMA
 Team Hashtag: #SMAPanAm
 Team members: Ryan O’Keefe, Anne Decena, Eric Burley and Nick Menze
Our team’s belief is that the best way to enhance the viewing experience of the Pan Am games will be to make the events as accessible as possible to the people. With the vast amount of space between event locations (given Toronto’s large landscape) we feel transportation will be a key area to focus on.
 Our idea is to create a website encompassing different information from transportation apps such as ‘Lyft’ and ‘Uber’ as well as local transit information from ‘GO’ and ‘Zum’ to give fans access to transportation to get to their favorite events. We feel this will not only be important for local citizens to get around but also for the vast amount of tourists who will be visiting Toronto and will want to see all the Pan Am games have to offer while they are here.
The best way for fans to get the most out of the games is to be able to see them live, and by making transportation from event to event as easy as possible everyone will get a chance.
Team:  Creation Link
Team Members:  Myra Morris, Jen Lewis
Hashtag:  #Creationlink
Through local communities, through schools, rec centres, etc. all over Canada will be encouraged to hold sporting events through competitions in different sports representative of the PanAm games.  These sports can include, for example, football, archery, badminton, volleyball, cycling, gymnastics, figure skating, squash, swimming, weightlifting, wrestling, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and wheelchair rugby.  Through planning, the Youtube video can highlight particular sports during the year (for example, figureskating videos can be highlighted during February, etc.)  Regions where the sport will be conducted will adopt athletes competing in that particular sport that will be held closest to the location.  These competitions will be videotaped and put on an official Youtube channel for the PanAm games where people can regularly watch videos as they are posted. Here local business’ such as restaurants, hotels and clothing stores can advertise about location and products/services to a targeted audience, also on Facebook page.
Team:  Fantastic Four
Team Members:  Chau Le, Jason Smith, Leena Salem, Yee Ting Lee
Hashtag:  #F4excusemeTO
Excuse Me TO is a free social geotracking app that visitors use on their smart phones to view the locations of volunteers, athletes and Pan Am representatives.  The app allows visitors to find them using a real-time map on their smartphone where they can also view the languages spoken by these individuals.  The intention of Excuse Me TO is to connect visitors to the games and region, by providing face to face contact in their language.
Visitors can link the app with their social media profiles if they choose, to check into events and locations as well as post photos and status updates through their social media.  Retailers and tourism personnel can also participate, so as to attract these visitors to their businesses and locations.  Excuse Me TO has enormous potential beyond the completion of the games itself as it can be appropriated for the Ontario Tourism Board.
 Team:  KAOS
Team Members:  Tristan Kong, Jodi Harvey, Victoria Hoang, Sunaynna Venkatesh, Caitlin Vollum. 
Hashtag: #VoteKaos
The idea is to create an app that  links  everything from the Games and the city of Toronto to the athletes as well as the fans. The app will be called – Panagram. The Panagram app will have six apps built into it – a Blog tab, an Online Game tab, a Toronto Hotspots tab, teams roster app, a Bump App for ticket swapping, and a games event listing app.
The Blog tab will provide the user with a complete look at all the social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. Social media will play a very important role that brings the fans and athletes closer together. Athletes will upload videos of their experience with the Games and fans will do the same via social media. Fans will also have the opportunity to take their pictures with Pachi at different locations all over Ontario and upload these pictures with the hashtag #picswithpachi #panamgames2015. Fans can purchase a MEGA Ticket that will provide them with combined discounted tickets to tourist places in Toronto. Once the games are over, there will be a contest where fans will have the opportunity to share their favourite game memories through video.
Team:  Pelican
Team Members:  Anastacia Brunelle, Jenny Le, Sanja Ratkovic.
Hashtag: #teampelican
An application will be developed in order to help visitors, residents, and athletes navigate through the streets of Toronto through its interactive map and take advantage of daily deals on local activities, attractions and restaurants in order to enhance the Pan Am/Parapan experience. 
In order to further promote the PanAM/Parapan games we want to implement a scavenger hunt.  We would place large vinyls of the different sport icons all through the city of Toronto and the GTA at major attractions and popular locations such as CN Tower and Ripleys Aquarium. Residents and visitors can take part in this exciting adventure by visiting these locations and posting their photo on social media with a #PanAmParapanTO2015. 
The smartphone application will be designed to promote the overall PanAm/Parapan games, boost ticket sales, promote city interaction, and most importantly stay connected and enhance residents and visitors experience.
Team:  SEA
Team Members:  Hargurdeep Singh, Hituvan Lachhar, Jaskaran Sadheora.
Hashtag: #SEA
The idea is to Design and Fabricate 51 metal coins at Sheridan College. Each of the coins will incorporate the added substance fabrication (Three-Dimensional Printing) methodology. These coins will speak to the accurate significance of Sportsmanship and what it genuinely intends to be a Canadian.
There are 51 separate games occurring in TO2015 – Therefore, each head coach of the respective Canadian sports team will be provided with a coin. At the closure of the amusement, the Canadian Team will choose which opponent group merits the Sportsmanship Coin.
The fans will have the opportunity to get the plastic sportsmanship coins at the venue and it will carry on as the legacy. This is an everlasting item with any desires for being acclimates by anybody from secondary school recreations – up to Olympics. The players will recollect their accomplishment for whatever remains of their life and they will feel glad after accepting the sportsmanship coin.
Team:  SoftTings
Team Members:  Sachith Jayasundara, Saachi Badola, Daniel Dao
Hashtag: #SoftTings
The idea is to design an HTML5-based web application, “PanAmic”, that is accessible by any mobile device. The app will highlight the region’s hangouts and the events of the Games and their athletes. It will also integrate social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and FourSquare, to allow for sharing of the experience with friends and the opportunity to meet new ones.
Team:  Sheridan T&T
Team Members:  Nigel D’Souza, Mara Buda, Spence Copeland.
Hashtag: #SheridanTAT
Merging with technology and getting the use of internet, we have come up with an idea to connect fans with their favourite games as well as getting the local community involved.
Team:  Work in Progress
Team Members:  Ali Tayyebi, Deron Li, Riley Co, Kaye Mao. 
Hashtag: #ixdwip
An mobile/web application that allows participants to show support for athletes through voting. This provides opportunities for sponsorships from local and global businesses as well as garner data that will be used to create interactive display for large touch screens in the various stadiums.
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