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Productivity Through Mobility: Levelling the playing field for midsized businesses in Canada

January 9, 2014

People speak a lot about Canada being a unique nation.  Our size is immense and yet we have a unified national identity that spans from coast to coast to coast.  We are country of entrepreneurs competing in a global arena.  According to Statistic Canada, we have over 1.1 million businesses of which 98% employ fewer than 100 employees.   Traditionally our businesses set up shop in the areas they served with bricks and mortar locations.  Like sized businesses competed against one another.  Gone are those days.  Technology is now levelling the playing field for small and midsized businesses enabling them to compete with larger companies across the globe.  Our footprints are virtual and as long as you have smart solutions to empower your workforce to work better, it doesn’t matter what size enterprise you are. 

Cisco has been working with midsized businesses to provide what we call Unified Access for their organizations.  What does this mean in plain English?  Unified Access allows your teams to perform the same business functions and have access to the same tools and information securely on any device and in any location.  This amounts to great benefits to multiple teams within your organization:

For your staff:

  • Access to all the right tools they normally have access to no matter where they are (at home, at the airport, appointment waiting room).
  • Device compatibility (everyone wants to use their preferred smart phone, tablet or PC)
  • Network speed (greater efficiency and productivity)

For your IT experts (so they can sleep at night):

  • One Policy: Centralized solution for consistent, network-wide security policy distribution and enforcement
  • One Management: Single solution for comprehensive lifecycle management and visibility
  • One Network: Wired and wireless networks converged into a single unified infrastructure

For owner/operators:

  • A framework that will allow you to scale and compete in a global arena
  • Employees that are empowered to produce results and work the way they want
  • IT experts that can focus on business innovation v. running the network

We’d love a chance to get your feedback on how your business competes and how we can help you scale and be more competitive.

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