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Cisco Capital Financing for SMB and Mid Market Focussed Partners

October 30, 2013

The Small Mid Market business segment in Canada generates almost 40% of the GDP and represents about 97% of all registered businesses in Canada. In fact the majority of Cisco Partners in Canada are SMB’s, so who better to service this customer segment?

Small Business Owner

Small Business Owner

As a Cisco Partner and SMB, you understand the challenges that small and medium-sized business (SMB) face every day. Our SMB customers tell us their business challenges include the need to: increase productivity, minimize business disruption, minimize expenses, and have access to financing options to enable growth.

Cisco partners can deliver a solution to many of these challenges with Cisco technology, combined with their value added services. Designed specifically for SMB customers, Cisco capital is available to assist partners enable profitable business with programs and offers.

Here at Cisco, we’re doing our part to make it easier for partners to get fast access to credit decisions. Cisco Capital Canada is opening its doors to small business with competitive financing offers.

With straightforward, flexible leasing options, competitive rates, and fast credit processing, Cisco Capital can help any business acquire the solutions it needs to be successful.

The benefits are not only for your customer but as a Partner you will also benefit with faster payment amounting to:

  1. increased cash flow,
  2. The ability to add your professional services to the lease (how many financial institutions will finance your services?),
  3. Increase customer loyalty and retention
  4. Be eligible to earn Cisco Rewards Points ($200 value) per Cisco Capital Deal.  Using Cisco Capital will help build a deeper relationship with your customer and position your value to other line of business decision makers outside the IT department.

To make this process even easier, you can request a quote from Cisco Capital using the Cisco Commerce Workspace tool!

Get started today (offer runs till January 25th, 2014) learn about SMB financing offers and with rates as low as 0% for 24 months and 3% for 36 months (with $1 buy out!) for deals up to $500,000.

To learn more visit our websites here:  Cisco Capital Programs and Offers or contact a Cisco Capital Sales representative here.

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